Guides for You to Travel in Puerto Plata Dominican Republic

Puerto Plata

The tourism and leisure industry in the Dominican Republic got a new brush-up to thrive from the 1990s onwards. The economic reformation brought innovation to redecorate the hotels and multi-storied resorts for tourists. With the development both inward and outward, the city of Puerto Plata or Sank Felipe de Puerto Plata has become Mecca for international tourists. Most of the hotels and guest houses got new facelifts to attract visitors. The importance of this capital city of the Dominican Republic increases. A guide from experts will make you comfortable where and how to book the best luxurious resorts in this glamorous city of Puerto Plata Dominican Republic to spend the vacation. 

Why Is Puerto Plata Popular Destination?

Sandy beaches like nest Tulum are great places for people to stroll and enjoy the evening by walking on the sand-covered stripes of land. Young visitors participate in the various short-lived water sports tournaments and amusement activities. The alluring aesthete of Malecon and Mount Isabel de Torres is also impressive to boost up the mood of viewers. Surrounding the colonies and the sea beachfront, the tourism sectors grow. The nightlife in this particular area is majestic and unforgettable. At night, people go outside their houses and guest houses for shopping. 

Attractive Places in Puerto Plata 

Playa Dorada is a magnificent beach for international tourists. You will see a row of glossy multistoried resorts standing close to this Playa Dorada golden sea beach radiant in sunlight with the advent of the day. For relaxation, the visitors sit on lounge chairs. The cool sea breeze moves gently across Playa Dorada beach making it all fresh and vibrant. Outsiders who like to spend the evening at Playa Dorada get beautiful moments to feel. They do not have to arrange their food by going to shops. Here, small neat, and clean restaurants welcome the guests for hobnobbing. The melodious Merengue musical tune hits the air to soothe the mind of visitors. 

Mount Isabel de Torres

Mount Isabel de Torres is another attraction for you. It is a mountain that is famous for its awesome panoramic beauty and natural elegance. It is 2600 ft high. Scale up the rough and uneven Mount Isabel to have the cityscape. The sky seems to fall over your head. The sunrise in the morning greets viewers. Tourists seek the food and lodging to stay overnight at the foot of this mountain to have a quick glimpse of the deeper valley. The adventure looms large to hanker after you. With your friends, you can start your mountain trekking to explore the unknown world of mysticism. 

Damajagua Waterfalls

For visitors, Damajagua Waterfalls is an unending adventurous spot to experience the flavor of raw wildlife and pleasure. It beckons strangers to visit this place to build up the bond of camaraderie. The waterfalls are forceful. You can play with the rolling pebbles and stones in the powerful downstream running through the mountain range. Rushing water bubbles glitter in the crimson hue of the vesper light. Join the outdoor expeditions like jumping, swimming, and even snorkeling/sliding. This tourist spot attracts numerous visitors coming from the corners of Europe and Asia. Here, top opulent resorts, hotels, and tiny guesthouses comparing to most expensive hotel in India are also situated to give cheap accommodation to people. 

Where to Stay?

You need the perfect safe places for shelter. In Puerto Plata Dominican Republic, there are top eco-forward air-conditioned hotels that earn five stars for their awesome hospitality. These hotels have car parking lots, discotheques, spas, miniature bars, and other amenities for the elite class. Online hotel booking is much easy for a person to apply for a hotel room reservation in advance to avoid the chaotic situation. 

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