HDFC Bank Holidays 2023

HDFC Bank Holidays

In India, a bank holiday is considered to be a public holiday. But, all public holidays cannot be considered to be as bank holidays. All the bank holidays are declared by Central / State Governments / Union Territories under NI (Negotiable Instruments) Act. Each and every bank shall follow the guidelines issued by The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) with respect to the list of bank holidays released by them every year. 

Each and every state in India in the significance of its cultural and religious diversity has local festivals and therefore the list of all the bank holidays differs from one state to another. Also, almost all the Banks remain closed every 2nd and 4th Saturday and all Sunday of every month.

Let’s check the list of HDFC Bank holidays in 2023 released by the Reserve Bank of India:

Andaman & Nicobar2608,3001, 07,2205292915,292802,2412,2725
Andhra Pradesh15, 261801, 07,14,22012929150602,231225
Arunachal Pradesh01,14,26200801,07,15,22051502,23,2412,2701, 25
Assam15, 260701,14,15,16,22012915,182502,18,21,22,23,241225
Bihar  2608,09,22, 30  01, 07,14,22  01  29  29  15  06  02,22,23,24  12,19,20  25
Dadra nagar Haveli2608,22,3001,04,07,220115,16,3007,19, 2802,2413,1925
Daman & Diu2608,22,3001,04,07,220115,16,3007,19, 2802,2413,1925
Goa2607,2201,07,14,2201291519,2002,241204, 19, 25
Gujarat261808,3001,04,14291507,19, 2802,24,3112,1425
Himachal Pradesh261808,3001,1505,222929150702,2412,2725
Jammu & Kashmir261807,2201,14,18,21,220528,2905,281507, 23, 27, 2902,24,2612,2725
Kerala261801,07,09, 14,15,21012815,28,29,3122,2702,23,241225
Madhya Pradesh261808,3001,04,07,220529291502,2412,2725
Meghalaya01, 260801,07,222909,17150702,23,2410,12,2312,18, 24, 25, 26, 30
Mizoram02,262003,0801,04,070515,29, 3006,29152802,242725,26
Nagaland01, 2601,07,22291502,2412,2701,24,25,26,27
Odisha261808,3001,07,1415,20, 301506,19, 2002,23,242725
Puducherry  15,16,26  01,07,14,21  01  29  15,16  18,27  02,23  01  25
Tamil Nadu01,15,16,17,26052201,04,07,14,220129291506,17, 2802,23,241225
Telangana  15, 26  18  07,22,30  01,05,07,14,22  01  29  29  1507,18, 28  02,24  12,27  25
Uttar Pradesh2605,1807,08,3001,04,07,14,2205292915,3107,2802,23,2412,13,15, 2725
Uttarakhand261807,08,3001,07,14,2205291615,3107,2802,2412,13,23, 2725
West Bengal12, 23, 260701,04,07,14,15, 2201,05,0929291502,14,21,23,24,2815,2725

List of Bank Holidays on Saturdays in Delhi

14th January 20232nd Saturday
28th January 20234th Saturday
11th February 20232nd Saturday
25th February 20234th Saturday
11th March 20232nd Saturday
25th March 20234th Saturday
1st April 2023To enable Banks to close their yearly accounts
8th April 20232nd Saturday
22nd April 20234th Saturday
13th May 20232nd Saturday
27th May 20234th Saturday
10th June 20232nd Saturday
24th June 20234th Saturday
8th July 20232nd Saturday
22nd July 20234th Saturday
29th July 2023Bakri Eid (Eid-Ul-Adha)
12th August 20232nd Saturday
26th August 20234th Saturday
9th September 20232nd Saturday
23rd September 20234th Saturday
14th October 20232nd Saturday
21st October 20234th Saturday
11th November 20232nd Saturday
25th November 20234th Saturday
9th December 20232nd Saturday
23rd December 20234th Saturday

Banking facilities available on Bank Holidays

Below mentioned are the services that can be availed of on bank holidays:

  • Mobile Banking & Net Banking services
  • ATM services
  • Cheque Drop facility at ATM or at drop boxes
  • National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)
  • Unified Payments Interface (UPI)
  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)
  • Immediate Payment Service (IMPS)

To get the HDFC Mini Statement on a bank holiday, the same can be done by calling on the HDFC Bank Mini statement number i.e. 1800 270 3355 or by sending an SMS “txn” to 5676712. After which, an SMS would be received containing the details of the last 5 transactions. 

The different ways to get the HDFC Mini Statement are as mentioned below:

  • Getting HDFC Bank of India Mini Statement via Missed Call Service
  • Getting HDFC Bank of India Mini Statement via SMS Service
  • Getting HDFC Bank Mini Statement via Mobile Banking Service
  • Getting HDFC Bank Mini Statement via Internet Banking Service
  • Getting HDFC Bank Mini Statement by visiting ATM
  • Getting HDFC Bank Mini Statement by calling on HDFC Customer Care

In the same way, to check the account balance, customers are required to give a missed call on the HDFC Balance Check Number i.e. “1800 270 3333”. 

And, to check it via SMS, customers are required to send “BAL” and send it to “5676712”.

The different ways to check the HDFC Bank of India account balance are as mentioned below:

  • Making HDFC Bank of India Balance Enquiry by visiting the ATM
  • Making HDFC Bank of India Balance Enquiry by sending an SMS
  • Making HDFC Bank of India Balance Enquiry via Mobile Banking
  • Making HDFC Bank of India Balance Enquiry via Missed Call Banking
  • Making HDFC Bank of India Balance Enquiry by visiting bank and getting  Passbook updated
  • Making HDFC Bank of India Balance Enquiry via Internet Banking
  • Making HDFC Bank of India Balance Enquiry Via UPI
  • Making HDFC Bank of India Balance Enquiry by calling on HDFC Customer Care


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