Helpful Words Of Advice For Your Umrah Pilgrimage

In Islam, Umrah has great importance and rewards. It is elegantly placed at a degree of spiritual purification for any Muslim. Even so, Umrah is not a mandatory duty for Muslims; rather, it is Sunnat-e-Muwaqada for them. Umrah is a sacred activity that our beloved Prophet Mohammad (ﷺ), did four times in his entire life. There are numerous rewards for those who perform Umrah, according to the teachings of Islam. These benefits and rewards are stated in the Holy Quran and in Our Prophet’s Sunnah (ﷺ). But, the rewards are for only those who perform Umrah or Hajj with pure intention and in a correct way.

So that, Muslims Holy Travel offers a wide variety of Umrah packages including the best 14 Nights Economy or Premium Online Umrah Packages from UK with lots of facilities. But, before booking your Umrah package, you must have complete knowledge about each and every aspect of your Umrah journey.

Let’s have a look at some helpful words of advice to keep in mind before starting your Umrah;

Know And Learn Everything About Umrah:

Know and learn everything about Umrah before going on your journey. Many Hajj publications include chapters about Umrah, which might be useful as a reference source.

Must-Have Knowledge About The Rules Of Ihram:

Make sure you’re familiar with all the Ihram rules, such as;

• During Ihram, you are not permissible to use scented soap.

• It is forbidden for men to cover their heads with their Ihram.

• You can’t harm others, or even kill or hunt any animal and so on….

This article contains some useful information on the rules of Ihram.

Barber Hygiene Is Really Important:

It is customary for both men and women to cut their hair once Umrah comes to an end. Men ought to have their hair totally shaved, however the blade that the barber uses must also be brand new and discarded afterward.

Women must wait until they get back to their hotel. You can remove your headscarf and cut your hair in complete privacy there.

Must-Visit The Rawdah-E-Rasool (ﷺ):

In Madinah, the evening is the perfect time to see the Rawdah and observe its beauty. Also, you are welcome to pray here at any time, it is significantly busiest during the daytime. It’s so much quieter, peaceful, and less crowded just a few hours after Isha or just a few hours before Fajr. Therefore, you’ll be able to spend some quiet time in observing a peaceful environment and praying.

Must-Visit The Sanctified Places In Madinah:

Masjid-E-Quba, Masjid-E-Qiblatain, and Mount of Uhud are some places in Madinah that the majority of pilgrims try to visit as part of Umrah. When it is a peaceful and quiet view between sunrise and Dhuhr prayer, this is the perfect time to visit such places.

Stay In Contact With Your Household:

If you use apps like Magic Jack and Viber and also connect through free hotel WiFi, you can contact home without any charges. To eliminate standard roaming charges, keep your smartphone in airplane mode and turn on your Wi-Fi connection. If your iPhone still remains in airplane mode, then you can utilize iMessaging to send free SMS via WiFi.

Before you leave for Umrah, make photocopies of your passport and other essential documents and leave them with family members at home if the originals get misplaced when you are away.

Ombir Sharma

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