How can you elevate your plain cereal box?

Plain Cereal Box

Cereal boxes are often made of thin cardboard paper. Kraft paper is also used in making plain cereal box with logos printed on them. Large companies such as Kellogg’s specialize in making crunchy cereals that are packaged in an equally effective packaging for sure. Good cereal packaging ensures that your cereals remain free of any damage. Moreover, good packaging also ensures that they remain crispy over a period of time. Good cereal packaging is not very hard to make if you have the right ingredients.

Experienced brands have found excellent ways to improve their plain cereal packaging. This includes adding little puzzles, small token of appreciation or simply enhancing the outlook of the entire packaging. Take a look at the expensive Wheaties box. What makes it different? Studying other brands and their packaging helps you improve your packaging and enhance it.

All about cereal box manufacturing:

Cereal boxes are made of paperboard. “Cereal boxes are made of chipboard, which is also known as paperboard, a different grade of paper than cardboard. You cannot recycle cereal boxes with regular cardboard because of the low quality of this chipboard. But some recycling companies will take the boxes in mixed paper bins.” The cereal box paper is printed with the desired information that the company wants. After this the cereal box is basically assembled together.

Cereal boxes are coated in polythene thin sheet which protects it from damage. Basically it makes it water-proof and hard to tear.

Remember that cereal packaging or gift packaging is made of lower quality material. Cereal packaging can be enhanced by using printed pictures or logos.

Why are cereals found in a cereal box packaging?

Cereals are mostly packaged in cardboard boxes to reduce the packaging cost as well as improve recyclability. Since cereals are perishable foods, the boxes are thrown out rapidly and this is why they need to recycled.

Enhancing your cereal box:

Now that we have established that cereal boxes are indeed very useful for storing cereals let us see how we can enhance them.

  1. Use unique box style to add some new spirit into your cereals. There are many box styles you can choose from. Go for the one which compliments your brand and helps you impress the customer for sure. An impressed customer will definitely let you expand your customer base and be profitable in the future. Box styles can vary according to your needs. So, ensure that you pick up the perfect fit for your cereals. The durability of the box needs to be kept in mind as well. if your box is not durable it will lead to damage during delivery and nobody wants that since it is sheer wastage of time, product and the effort.
  2. Focus on the printing of your packaging. Printing style and the quality of printing can contribute greatly to the overall look of your product. Take for example, Kellogg’s. Their packaging reflects very positively on the product itself. The good quality printing and clear graphics automatically send a message to the customer’s brain regarding the excellent quality of the packaging the brand is using. This in-turn allows you to earn the customer’s attention and compel them to buy your product. Printing plays a huge role in improving the outlook of your product and this is why it must be given attention. Make sure that your printing ink is fade proof and stain-proof. The pigment it gives should be excellent as well. This will ensure that your packaging does not go to waste and you get the best custom cereal box packaging.
  3. Choose the materials that help you cut down the cost. Cereal box wholesale will allow you to cut down the overall cost of your packaging and offer cereals to customers at lower prices. This is also very necessary as lower costs can allow you to customize your packaging and still have a cost that costs lower than that of the competitor while earning more profits. Remember that lower prices mean a more satisfied customer and a loyal customer. Price does matter a lot when it comes to packaging and needs to be taken care of.
  4.  Adding extra features to your packaging can also help a lot. For example; start by printing some innovative or catchy lines in bold highlights. Other than this, you can also try to use raised-ink technique. The point is to do something that others are not doing. Custom packaging allows you to customize your packaging the way you would like. Try using innovative ideas that will set your product apart from others. Today, businesses are trying to ensure that they differentiate themselves thoroughly from their competitor and if your want to do the same then make sure that you are able to do so through custom cereal boxes which will elevate your plain box and make it fancier as well as desirable. Remember that your packaging is all about excellent theatrics.

As we said before elevating your cereal box is not rocket science. If you are able to look out for some crucial factors, creating an excellent custom packaging will be no major task. Just take care of quality as well as what is trending. Today eco-friendly packaging boxes are also in. you can look at different ways in which people are marketing their eco-friendly packaging and try to follow the example. Innovation never ends.

As long as you are willing to be creative you will be able to set yourself. Taking professional help will also be a great idea. Companies that are involved in packaging business can give you excellent advice. They can tell you what is trending and how your packaging can be fully customized to suit your product. Consulting with these companies can help you have a fool-proof packaging which will definitely lead your brand towards success and fame.

Ombir Sharma

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