How Important is the Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

Amazon Best Sellers Rank

You have probably seen the Amazon Best Sellers Rank on a few forums or other Amazon seller blog posts.

But, what is actually is? And how important it is for you?

Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR)?

The Amazon Best Sellers Rank is simply a number awarded by Amazon to a product after completion of one sale. As you may expect, BSR is an excellent indicator of how good a product is getting sales on Amazon.

High BSR is for products having low sales, products having high sales have a low BSR, hence, lower BSR means more sales have been made.

For instance, a product ranked at 7 has got more sales than a product at a 207 rank. But, it is necessary to know that only because a product has low BSR, this does not show how better that product is begin sold in relation to the other same products, only its overall rank.

Importance of Best Seller Ranking (BSR)

It is a thing sellers should know of the Amazon rankings, however, it is another for the buyers to view while deciding the purchase. We understand that the customers give importance to product reviews. In fact, according to many surveys, over 80% of shoppers take reviews into account while making the purchase decision. But, do they take your Amazon sales rank into account? Most of the purchasers probably do not even view the detail box of the product. Do they search for best seller products? Perhaps. But, they are more likely to have greater importance for the star rating instead of your ranking.

In fact, many experts say, one shouldn’t put extra attention to the BSR since it won’t help in moving up in the SERP. Since SERP results are focused on by the sellers, the best way of gaining traffic is to increase the organic traffic.

In such a case, why should a good sales rank be focused on Amazon at all?

Rankings on Amazon might or might not improve the visibility when the customers are in the product search. Yet, it’ll surely inform you on how good your product is being sold in few recent hours and in the past. That’s you do not use “free sales” as a strategy for boosting a profile. Technically, “free sales” won’t increase the financial gains.

BSR can be used as a method of monitoring your product’s health. Are you making more sales? Is it improving? Commonly, the BSR is in line with how many reviews you win and the standing of your product on Amazon.

If you’re planning of releasing a new product or exploring a new niche, you can view the current BSR of a specific category. It’ll give you the answers to how many units have got sold every month. So, you could if the niche is profitable enough or not.

Final Thoughts

Don’t bet on the BSR rank for increasing the sales dramatically. Rather, focus on using other methods of increasing sales.

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