How is AI Making a Difference in Android App Development in 2021

Over the years, we all have witnessed several new and advanced technologies making their way straight into the technological and business sector. Among these, Artificial Intelligence (or AI) has proved to be one of the most contributing technologies helping in the evolution of almost all industries. 

When it comes to mobile app development, AI has played a significant role in boosting the global value of the mobile app development industry. Along with that, the business owners who developed AI-integrated mobile apps with the help of an iOS or Android app development company have also enjoyed an expansion in their business growth. But, the real question is how AI brings such a vast difference in the lives of people?

To answer this, you need to go through this article. This informational piece will discuss the role of AI in mobile app development (specifically for Android apps) in 2021 and how it accelerates revenue growth.

How is AI making a difference in the Android app development industry?

As per the latest report by Statista, the expected global AI software market revenue is estimated to reach 126 billion US dollars by 2025. It means that AI will bring a significant revolution in the software and app development market in the upcoming years.

The one thing that makes AI so popular is its ability to resemble human intelligence. This technology is making devices capable of interacting in the same manner as a human does. These AI gadgets, software, and applications offer benefits to people by assisting them in getting basic day-to-day tasks done to accomplish the desired goals.

Another reason for the popularity of AI-based applications and devices is that they avoid and are unaffected by the emotional challenges usually faced by human beings. Being sensitive or thinking something from an emotional perspective can lead to errors in tasks. Since AI apps are unbiased towards a particular circumstance, the judgements made with AI technology would be flawless.

What are some AI applications that you can integrate into your Android apps?

Automated Reasoning

The first robust function of Artificial Intelligence in Android app development is automated reasoning that involves problem-solving based on various algorithms. For this, an app developer needs to incorporate logical reasoning into the software and system of application to understand and resolve obstacles like puzzles and theorems. This is the reason AI-enabled apps can be helpful in stock trading and games like chess.

Other great examples of automated reasoning are Android applications, such as Uber and Ola. With the help of automated testing, these apps discover the best route by analysing the traffic conditions and present you with the shortest route possible.

Face Detection

Face detection is probably one of the best features that AI has developed in mobile applications and devices. It is an AI-based computer technology that identifies human faces in digital images. Today, it has become a prevalent technology used in iOS and Android smartphone cameras to recognise multiple appearances in a single frame. Another application of this technology is to detect the face for tracking of persons or surveillance purposes. The Facebook application is a fine example that uses face detection algorithms to identify and recognise users’ pictures.

Image Labelling

Image labelling is a process that involves interactive labelling of the ground data in the collection of images. An image labeller application can also label Rectangular Region of Interests (ROIs) for object detection and identification, image classification of scenes and pixel semantic segmentation.

Text Recognition

Text Recognition is the process of detecting texts in images as well as videos and then recognising the text obtained from these media files. When a text identifying app detects the text, AI finds out what the actual textual matter means by splitting it into shorter segments to reveal its true form. Most of the gaming and scanning applications use this AI-based feature.

Personalised Content Curation

Most of the applications do not get enough attention from their target audience as they fail to connect with the users. In that case, you need to realise that it’s not the content you offer but the way you present it that matters. It should be available in a way that a user can easily connect with your application.

With the introduction of AI in mobile apps, developers can now understand and observe the user interests and apply it to the learning algorithm. It will help you provide your target audience with more personalised content that they can resonate with.

Wrapping Up

We all are well aware of the fact that AI is expanding extensively, and in the upcoming years, it is more likely to get integrated into almost all sectors. That’s why most business owners are looking to integrate AI into their products and services to get better results. If you want to create an interactive, highly engaging and profit-oriented Android app, you can hire a highly skilled Android apps development company and incorporate AI into your application. It will help you reach more potential customers and enhanced business growth efficiently.