How is Zoho Analytics Useful for Your Business?

Zoho Analytics

Zoho Analytics is a business intelligence and analytics program that is available both on-cloud and on-premise. It helps organizations, whether big or small, to understand their business better with the help of useful business insights and data. Users can very easily create as well as share the business reports quickly even without any IT support. Zoho Analytics is a very useful tool that can be used for any business function. Many users can use it for their analytics requirements. They can upload and sync data from any application or spreadsheets, create reports quickly, and share them with all the KPIs.

Let Us Look at Some of the Important Features of Zoho Analytics

  1. Upload data in a secure way – You can upload spreadsheets and any other tabular data in a very secure manner. Zoho Analytics is a very secure software and is managed by Zoho’s dependable security systems.
  2. Data pushing can be done from any application – Data pushing can be done from the cloud or from the in-house business applications and analytics databases.
  3. Improves the data – It will change, improve, and enhance analytics data.
  4. Has different components – Zoho Analytics has many charts, pivot tables as well as tabular components which will help you to build important reports and dashboards.
  5. Help to visually analyse the reports – It will help in visual analysis and building reports and dashboards with the help of the drag-and-drop interfaces.
  1. Enhanced collaboration – Analyse, develop, and share crucial reports with all your colleagues in the organisation.
  2. Embedding of reports can be done anywhere – You can embed the reports as well as the dashboards in different blogs and websites, and even applications.
  3. You can get a customised BI solution working under your own brand name.

 Why should Businesses Choose Zoho Analytics?

  1. Data enrichment using AI – Zoho DataPrep is inbuilt within Zoho Analytics and will create, clean, improve, and organise the data easily. 
  1. There are no direct costs – It is a BI software offered as a service with affordable monthly subscriptions.
  1. No Maintenance of software, as well as hardware – Your Cloud based service provider will take care of all the IT-related work and no maintenance will be required.
  1. Easy setup and quicker implementation – On-cloud Zoho Analytics is quite easy to setup and implement in the existing business setting.
  1. Very easy to use – It is like a spreadsheet and anyone who uses spreadsheets will find it very easy to use.
  1. Can be accessed from anywhere – It can be accessed from anywhere if you have an internet connection. With the help of Zoho Analytics, the data can be pushed from many sources and you will be able to see the reports faster.
  1. Have good control over data – If you have access to the control permissions, then you will have the best control over the data.
  1. Integrated data maintenance- With the help of Zoho Analytics, all the relevant data can be gathered and the reports can be made beyond the data tables.

What are Zoho Classes?

New to the Zoho family, Zoho Classes is the fastest online application for schools, colleges, and universities that will help teachers & students connect remotely. It will be centralised and supervised by the school administration.  Zoho Classes are very easy to use and the fastest online education app for schools and colleges.

Pricing of Zoho Classes

The free edition of Zoho classes is totally free for all schools up to 100 students. Schools and colleges with more children can first begin with the free version and can register later. Zoho classes are being provided free of cost in all govt schools in India without any restrictions. Apart from the free editions, there is also a paid edition with the cost coming to Rs. 250 per student. It will help to manage your classes without any problems, live streaming, distributing the courses, and collecting the assignments. This is a good option for big schools, colleges as well as universities.


Zoho Analytics is a very useful tool for analysis as well as data maintenance. With this tool, you can get reports in the form of graphs, tables, and visual formats very easily. Praxis Info Solutions is a certified partner for Zoho Analytics. We at Praxis Info Solutions have enabled our customers to increase their returns after their investments in Zoho Analytics.