How Much Would it Cost for a Ford Focus Car Insurance for an 18-year-old?

Are you planning to get your Ford Focus Car Insured? Are you an 18-year-old driver? You must be probably wondering whether insurance varies by age or not? 

While shopping around for Ford Focus car insurance, it can be difficult to find the best insurance company, especially if you’re a younger one. So here is everything you need to know about Ford focus insurance for 18-year-olds. 

How much does it cost to insure a Ford Focus car for an 18-year-old?

Every car insurance has its own set of rates and these are affected by many factors such as driver’s age, location and model and so on. When you look for a Ford Focus car insurance, it might cost you on an average around $1,400 per year. 

However, if you’re wondering how much Ford Focus insurance for an 18-year-old may cost then it is around $4,090 per year on average. The reason behind higher insurance rates for younger ones is their driving experience and history. 

The younger ones are much more likely to get into accidents and injuries which as a result may increase their insurance cost. For instance, Ford Focus car insurance may cost around $2,837 for a 40-year-old while more for a teen driver. 

Besides that, if you’re wondering how much Ford Focus ST insurance may cost, then know it is around $1,374 yearly and $115 on monthly basis. 

Parameters that affect insurance cost for Ford Focus

Apart from the driver’s age, the location and the driving history of the driver, there are a few other things that also affect the insurance cost for Ford Focus. 

So here are some other parameters which affect the Ford Focus car insurance:

Model of vehicle- An important factor that affects the cost of Ford Focus car insurance is the model of vehicle. For instance, the model value of Ford Focus in the year 2014 has an insurance cost of $1,242 yearly while the model value of Ford Focus in the year 2021 has an insurance cost of $1,498. 

Safety features- Another factor affecting the cost of insurance for Ford Focus is the safety features offered. For instance, the more safety features offered by Ford Focus the less a driver gets at risk of accidents which as a result may also lower the insurance cost. 

Driver’s Age- Driver’s age also plays an important role in the cost of Insurance for Ford Focus. For instance, an 18-year-old driver may cost $4,090 while a driver whose age is 40 years, may cost around $2,837 only. You can easily observe the difference. 

Safety features offered by Ford Focus

A safety feature offered by any car model can help in increasing as well as decreasing the Ford Focus ST insurance. For Ford Focus, the safety features offered are as follows :

Lane departure warning- This feature comes with a sensor and warning system which as a result helps in reducing the risk of accidents as well as keeps the driver alert about driving in an appropriate lane.

Blind spot warning- This helps in reducing the cost involved to insure the vehicle by reducing the risk of an auto accident. 

Front and curtain airbags- This feature is equipped with robust airbag systems which as a result ensures greater safety to both the drivers as well as passengers. Therefore, it reduces both bodily injuries as well as medical rates. 

Lane departure prevention- This feature helps the driver in reducing the insurance cost by keeping him/her alert about driving in the proper lane which as a result reduces the risk of accidents.

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However, be it Ford Focus car insurance or any car for that matter, every individual must do some research before signing any insurance policy. Check and compare all the necessary details about every insurance company. 

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