How Packaging Design can be Vital for Product Success

product packaging

Have you ever thought of buying a product whose packaging doesn’t convey anything? Or do you like to buy some product whose packaging is not appealing to the eyes? Or a packaging that does not fulfil basic functionality such as protection? No right? We all buy products that have good packaging and provide enough information to know what it is.

Packaging is crucial in product selling; it has a huge impact on customers’ buying decisions. It acts as an important element of your final product and also in marketing.

Even after its importance, packaging designs are often underrated; companies don’t include packaging in their core marketing or brand identity or core part of your product.

No matter the size of your product, the packaging is important to catch customers’ eyes when they shop for your niche and protect your product during shipping. We have created a comprehensive guide on why packaging design is important for product success.

What are the main components/functions of product packaging?

These few points are a must in your packaging; if you fail to provide these basic functions with product design, your product will not have a successful journey.

Here is a list of a few things you need to ensure in your packaging:

Protection: First and foremost thing to create packaging is to protect your product from environmental contaminants such as dust, leakage, watering, dirt, and so on. Packaging must be able to withstand all the outside pressure without harming the product.

Information: What’s the use of a package if your customers are unable to identify what’s inside. Packaging is a communicator of products; they need to provide all the necessary information to customers. It helps customers to purchase your product without the help of an assistant. 

Identity: A Packaging design must be able to convey your brand identity. Who you are, what your brand provides, what product you provide, what values you adopt, what quality you provide are also conveyed by your packaging design.

Why is product packaging design important? 

Let’s have a look at why packaging design plays a vital role in the success of a product: 

Communicate: Packaging is not only for attracting customers but also to convey or communicate about your product to your customer. Packaging must be informative; you need to convey everything they need to know or want to know through your packaging design. They must know what you are providing inside just by looking at the packaging. A good packing design must convey the following to customers: 

  • What is the product inside? 
  • What is it used for? 
  • Who created the product basically your brand name and identity
  • More about the manufacturer and its details so that they can contact you in case of need
  • Does it expire? If yes, then mention when.
  • Does it need special care? If yes, provide all the instructions that need to be followed. 
  • How the product is advantageous to them

Reflects your product quality: Packaging design is a reflection of the product it contains. Product packaging helps customers determine what experience they will get from the product inside. For instance, If you have top-notch quality in your product, but your packaging is poor, nobody is going to give preference to your product. Packaging is the face of the product. If it’s not good, customers won’t even look at your products. They are more likely to move to competitors’ products. Customers want to see the efforts you put in to show you have quality products. Poor packaging design will convey the wrong message; it forces them to think you don’t care. Therefore, if you want your product to attract customers, put creativity and care into product packaging. Make sure you mention all ingredients or elements of your product and essential instructions.

Protect during shipping: The product has to move from various destinations to reach its customers. The shipping path in today’s world is crucial from manufacturer to warehouse to distribution centers to store or customer. Nobody wants a broken product. If you fail to protect your product with packaging, nobody will care if you had a good design or great marketing in the end. It’s the product they want. It is the duty of the manufacturer to provide packaging design with good functionality and visuality. A good packaging design has everything from a solid package to protection, a good design, and instructions for care, repair, and setting up of the product even if most of the customers don’t read them.

Differentiate your brand: Let’s put it this way, Your customer walks into a store where they have several brands of your niche, and how will they differentiate? How will they pick a few options to buy? If your packaging doesn’t grab the eyeballs, your product is going to have a hard time in sales. The packaging design should be such that the minute a customer walks into the store, your brand catches their attention. Therefore, having good packaging will help you differentiate from your competitors and help you stand out among the crowd. Moreover, a great design will stay in their mind whenever they come back from shopping.

Act as a marketing tool: A good packaging design with a custom logo design can be an effective marketing tool. How? For instance, a customer wants to buy a product of your niche; if your packaging is not good, they won’t recognize your product. A great packaging design will help customers identify your products from far away. Moreover, they will remember your product the next time they are buying. However, that’s why it’s important to understand what message your packaging is conveying to customers. If you want them to remember your product or brand, custom design is vital for success.
Final Thoughts: Packaging needs to be both functional and visually appealing to customers. Neither of them can be compromised. Moreover, packaging has a major impact on customers at the time of decision making. Therefore, your packaging design must be convincing enough for customers to buy your product in-store or online.

Ombir Sharma

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