How to Choose an SEO Company

How to Choose an SEO Company

Finding a reliable SEO sydney company can sometimes be difficult, especially when the web is plagued by so much spam and scam artists. After all, SEO can be costly and it’s an investment in your online presence, so because of this it’s important that you do your research to see if a business is the right fit for you or not. Here are five things to look out for before hiring an eCommerce SEO company.

Realistic Offerings

If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Your best bet is to always look for businesses who offer realistic results and don’t use guarantees. It doesn’t mean that you won’t make improvements to your website within a reasonable timeframe – but making outlandish promises that they can’t deliver on only hurts your credibility in the long run.


The longer a company has been in business, the longer you can expect them to last. It’s always recommended that you do an internet search on the current affiliate networks you are interested in so you can find out how long they have been around and if they’re still active. The sources that provide this information will give you detailed information on the different factors which affect their longevity like customer launches, commission size, popularity of their website and more!

Case- Studies

When evaluating SEO companies, make sure you are given a chance to see their case study results. The studies should highlight the company’s work, giving clear evidence of their performance levels and service quality. Hiring SEO expert Boston is a certainty when looking to grow your business online; on the flip side, hiring companies with no prior experience or worse yet, those who have been rejected by past customers can land you in big trouble indeed.


Many companies who provide digital marketing services hold certifications in paid search, email and mobile. The leaders in search engine optimization (SEO) have training programs to ensure they stay on top of the latest trends. Hold your potential digital marketing providers up to a high standard before you lock in with one.

White-Hat Practices

Ask your company about the strategies they use and ask them to explain it in a way that you can understand. It is important to be transparent when asking this question of any agency so as not to guess what mind games they might be pulling. It’s best for all parties involved if a company feels comfortable explaining every detail.