How To Conduct a Nationwide Property Search as a Real Estate Professional

Real estate professionals have a variety of tools available to make sure they can close deals, but which ones do you need? For nationwide property searches and a nationwide presence, lead generation and map search tools are at the top of the list. It does not matter if you are looking for remote fix and flip investing or you are building a national presence by wholesaling real estate, the same tools will help any professional in the industry.

  • The detailed property information on a photorealistic map search
  • Owner contact information tracing
  • Lead management and list building tools that work with postcards, SMS, and common data export filetypes
  • Dialer software to streamline outreach when you need to speak to buyers and sellers personally
  • Smart tools for building interaction templates that just work
  • Social media presence across major platforms

If you look for the right tool set, you can consolidate this list and wind up with just a couple major toolkits you switch between depending on whether you are looking up properties, making outbound calls, or posting to your social media accounts.

What Does a Nationwide Property Search Entail?

Before you can engage with nationwide property speculation and wholesaling, you need the right tools. That means investing in the best real estate lead generation software available, giving yourself access to all the property information you need, and topping it off with the tools to find owners when you identify a distressed piece of property.

Once you have those tools, you need to figure out where to search, and that means engaging in professional spaces for investors looking at national property investment strategies as well as the local spaces for individual markets where you decide to work. It’s a lot of research, but finding the right neighborhood could lead to closing deals back-to-back for months. Build processes that identify those up-and-coming neighborhoods so you know where to focus your next round of property searches.

The last step is using your software to check out neighborhoods, honing in on distressed real estate and motivated sellers by using a combination of detailed photography and data about tax liens, foreclosures, and owner contact information. That lets you reach out and facilitate a deal remotely, engaging in wholesaling at a distance.

Best Nationwide Property Search Tools

If you want to be competitive in markets where you never actually set foot, you need to be empowered to build realistic real estate comps that give you a solid foundation for figuring out your ARV or other return models. That lets you determine whether to invest in a project, facilitate wholesale deals, or buy a long-term income property that will provide you with a solid cash flow for years to come.

Your best tools will be the ones that allow you to get the most information about prospective neighborhoods, sellers, and properties while still reaching out and doing the marketing to buyers that allows you to close deals. Finding solutions that combine tools into a comprehensive property search experience must be a priority if you want to compete.


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