How to double your profits and sell your home fast

There’s never been a better time to sell your home than right now. The housing market has finally stabilized, and there are more buyers in the market than sellers. In order to get that full asking price and close the deal quickly, you need to make sure your house is at its best. Here are five quick tips for selling your home fast!

Declutter Now:

Take an hour or two and try to get rid of any unnecessary items lying around your house. This will help potential buyers see how spacious it is when they visit. Vacuum and scrub your house – Do a deep clean to show potential buyers that you care about the way your house looks.  Inspect your home, check for cracks or peeling paint, have it checked for termites. If there are any issues, you can fix them up at the same time by selling off extra items.  Make sure every light bulb is working in every window. – It takes only minutes to replace light bulbs in your house, but it shows prospective buyers that you’re serious about fixing everything up before putting it on the market. Assure your clients that all electrical outlets need to be checked for power flow and that all switches operate properly. Clean the gutters: – It’s not just a weather issue, as many potential buyers worry that a messy or filthy house will deter them from making an offer. You have to keep the house looking clean for your agent, appraiser and maybe even the cleaners who come out after you’re done with the sale. Make sure all windows are clean and there aren’t any visible signs of clutter on your roof or around siding or windows.

Clean Your Car:

You can use a deep cleaning company to help get rid of dust and cobwebs in your car, but a quick cleaning at home will go a long way towards making your home as presentable as possible. Focus on all surfaces, from the inside and out, then take a deep breath. There’s no better time to clean than when you’re about to sell your house!

-Get the Windows Clean: Before you use any of your time at the sale, you have to make sure your home is ready for show. Make sure all windows are clean, and that there are no stains in or around them. Also, make sure that all of your blinds are clean and in good working order. Your uniform makes a big difference – You don’t want anyone lingering around when they first enter your home.

Fast Home Sell: Things You Must Know

The housing market has been working with families for generations. But times have changed, and so should you. When it comes to selling your home quickly in a competitive marketplace, you need more than just a traditional sales team to show your home – you need an agent who understands the digital transformation of real estate and has the expertise to dominate this ever-changing landscape.

Specializing in residential property investment, The Home Team will make sure that your property turns into revenue as fast as possible while getting the best price possible.

We understand the local market. We will ensure your property is in the right hands for selling. We create a listing that’s unique to your home, attract potential buyers and achieve the highest possible price.

The Home Team has an extensive network of agents across the country and can have your property on MLS within 48 hours. We have a proven track record of achieving positive online exposure and accelerating home sales within short time periods while saving our clients thousands in agent commissions.

Our team of agents cuts through the red tape to get your property on the multiple listing service (MLS) as fast as possible.Sell your property as fast as possible! We’re here to help you in every way possible. There’s no need to wait, we won’t stand by while you wait for a traditional sales team.

The Home Team is your real estate expert for fast home sales in Atlanta. Our team can assist you with all types of real estate transactions: 1st time buyers, relocating professionals, homeowners looking to sell or even selling your home! We know the market and will make selling fast!

Here are tips for dealing with every fast home sale challenge with ease

I work with people who are looking to buy their first home, and I often see people struggle with every detail of the process. They are anxious about when they’re going to put in a bid, trying to figure out what’s important on a home inspection report, wondering if they should make any updates before showing the property, and many other questions that come up. To give these buyers some peace of mind and save them from stress during this exciting time in their life, here are tips for dealing with every fast home sale challenge with ease:

— Start by planning & preparing months before the offer is accepted

– Think about what you want out of your new place (smaller apartment? bigger yard? balcony? etc.); have a budget set and a schedule of when you’ll start shopping.

– Go see open houses, view properties in person and walk around the neighborhood to get an idea of the type of home you’d like to buy.

– Have your bank pre-qualify you so you can tell sellers what you’re approved for

– Have your agent take care of all the paperwork (offer, inspection, appraisal, etc.) for you

– Make sure to go through your post inspection property condition checklist so there are no surprises after closing

– Walk through the property with your agent before putting in an offer so that they can advise you how to make any necessary tweaks or updates. These changes will also be part of closing.

– Let your agent know what you’re looking for in a home design and they can help you with the process of finding it.

– Have your agent take care of all the paperwork (offer, inspection, appraisal, etc.) and make sure to go through your post inspection property condition checklist so there are no surprises after closing.

— Now that you’ve put in an offer and are waiting to close, don’t be afraid to go back and change the terms of sale

 Legally binding on this deal by agreeing on the price by signing a written offer.

– Let your agent know what changes you’d like made so they can work toward it from there.

– If you’re not sure how to go about making any desired changes, let your agent know first so that you and your seller can come to an agreement on how to proceed.

– Some people change their minds about the type of home they want, whether it be a single family home or condo, larger or smaller. If any of these factors are changing, update your offer.

– You might also decide that you want a different type of buyer representation (seller’s vs. buyer’s). These things can all be updated as well and communicated with your agent.


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