How to Download Windows DVD Maker

dvd maker

One of the editing and DVD authoring tools designed for a small-scale business is the windows Vista version. It is used to produce promotional videos, official conferences, or DVDs designed for official purposes. It is a user-friendly interface that is quite simple for the users to understand. This application is available free of cost to users having a legitimate windows version. So download Windows DVD maker if you want to add “DVD authoring” Feature to your work. Visit the website to know details about windows DVD makers. 

How to download windows DVD player 2021? 

Download Windows DVD Maker 2021 by following the below steps-

  • Visit Microsoft website and from the upper left corner, choose ‘Download’ tab.
  • Select the option as “Download Center.” From the top of the page in the search field, type windows DVD maker
  • Choose two options from the search results – ‘Windows DVD Maker SDK and Windows Movie Maker. You’ll see a green button, ‘Continue’ click on it. A genuine windows validation page will come, which will confirm that you will run a legitimate windows version. 
  • DVD maker software called windows genuine advantage would be downloaded by clicking the green button of ‘Continue.’ To start the installation, you’ve to click the program installer double. You’ve to keep the window option of ‘Genuine Windows Validation’ open. 
  • The windows genuine advantage tool can be run now. You will get a validation code when the program confirms that a non-pirated windows version is being run. 
  • A validation code can be copied and pasted at the bottom of the windows validation page in the Enter Validation Code text field. Windows DVD maker download window will be popping up. Now complete the download process by clicking on the button ‘save file.’

Advantages of DVD maker for windows 10

 The key advantages include the following-

  • Writing multimedia contents quite fast to optical discs
  • Many audio, video and picture formats are supported, including WAV, PNG, AVI, MP3, GIF, MP4, WMV, BMP, ASF, JPG, etc. 
  • Quite compatible with DVD types like DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD-ROM, DVD+RW.
  • Creating a slideshow with photos and burning it to DVD
  • You can arrange videos and photos sequentially and also add/remove them before burning
  • You get other options like aspect ratio and customizable settings for playback
  • You can easily make unique style DVDs of your own as there are numerous DVD menu styles offered by windows DVD maker 
  • Users get customized DVD menu templates and a few useful options/tools.

Is windows DVD available for windows 10 or 11? 

Windows DVD maker offers lots of editing and transition effects and customization button style and fonts. It is quite simple and accessible. It is included in Windows 7 and Windows Vista but not available in windows 8. Users expected to get a built-in DVD authoring program with Windows 10. However, Microsoft officially announced that DVD maker for windows 10 wouldn’t be supported in the Windows 10 version. 

Convert and Burn Your Videos to DVD

You can Convert and Burn Your Videos to DVDformat. You can play your own DVD than on portable or home DVD players. DVD maker windowssupport sixty video formats along with subtitle templates. Use window and DVD maker to convert and burn your videos into DVD. Now make DVD movie disc and give your own subtitles. You can easily burn any video to ISO film or DVD disc. Now make your own DVD menu with subtitles with windows DVD maker. 


If your PC has Windows 7 or Windows Vista pre-installed, you can easily convert WMV to DVD using Windows DVD Maker. This DVD authoring program, designed by Microsoft, allows making a number of audio, video, and picture file formats. You can click preview to check how DVD disk will appear. Although you get many styles with DVD makers, there are limited options for customizing compared to other programs. You won’t get any advanced options for making new chapters. 

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