How to Find the Right Meditation Style?

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Meditation is one of the most important and effective techniques of yoga. However, yoga practitioners always find it hard to choose the right meditation style. Some even dedicate their lives just to find out that they cannot achieve their goal with what they have been practicing.

So, to save yourself from such a hassle, make sure you check out the following points. These are some goals that anyone can have. To fulfill these goals, you need a particular form of meditation practice. That is what this article deals with. Make sure you read till the very end. Go on.

Different Goals to Practice Meditation


Many dedicated yoga practitioners look forward to practicing meditation to achieve enlightenment. Thus, they wish to have a calm and silent mind.

For this matter alone, you need to choose a meditation style that ensures you stay on the right path towards enlightenment. Hence, the best meditation style that you can go with is the Vipassana meditation.

The core form of this meditation style is to be aware of the breath. Once you become one with the breath, enlightenment follows. Vipassana meditation helps you connect better with your Prana energy.


Every human being has some kind of expectation from his or her fellow beings. When the expectations are not fulfilled, you hold grudges against your kin.

However, holding grudges might work against you. It traps the pure energy running through your body. In short, you never proceed further in life.

That is why you should practice a meditation style that helps you forgive others. For that purpose, you should practice the Lovingkindness meditation.

It helps you to develop compassion that gives you freedom from fear or suffering. You can live a happier life without holding onto anything.

Out of Body Experience

Out-of-body experience consists of releasing your consciousness out of your body. The best part is that you are fully aware of what is happening.

Moreover, you become conscious of how your body is sitting or lying down when you have the out-of-body experience. Therefore, it opens a field of vast exploration before you when you practice a meditation style dedicated to this experience.

For this, you can practice Transcendental meditation. It raises your awareness out of your body through your head. Thus, you form a direct connection with the Universe out there.

So, anyone who aims to experience out of the body experience should practice Transcendental meditation without any break.

More Energy

Energy is one of the most important elements required to have a perfect life. However, continuous indulgence in life around you consumes a lot of your energy.

Therefore, you should learn and practice a meditation style that harnesses pure energy in your body. That is where Kundalini yoga comes into play.

However, it is a little complicated practice. Therefore, you are advised to join a YTT school to learn from certified yoga masters.

It activates the energy lying dormant at the base of your spine. When you practice Kundalini meditation, it activates different energy centers in your body.

So, when you head to the topmost energy point situated at the top of your head, you get access to limitless energy. Hence, if energy is your ultimate goal, you should practice Kundalini meditation.


Stillness is important in life if you want to enjoy the moment at hand. If you do not know how to enjoy the present moment, you are going to worry about either the past or the future.

This also leads to overthinking or mental burden. Therefore, you should practice meditation that helps you get quiet and have mental stillness.

For that, you need to practice Qi Gong. The Qi Gong meditation practice is similar to that of Kundalini meditation. However, it uses breath to transfer energy to different parts of your brain. Over time, you are going to enjoy mental peace and stillness in life.

In a Nutshell

Different meditation styles work on different planes of your being. Some are there to make you conscious of your physical plane while others ensure you become conscious of your mental dimension.

Amid all this hassle, you might get confused about how to choose the right meditation style. However, make sure you ask from an RYT about the right meditation practice depending on your goal. This ensures you get the right knowledge so that you reach the desired goal in no time.

Harleen Bhatia

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