How to Know Hyde Disposables Are Authentic?

Making a switch to vape devices should be a fun and fulfilling experience, especially when you decide to leave behind traditional cigarettes. Disposables are a great choice as they solve your vaping cravings without all the hassles you’ll experience with regular vape devices. Talk of charging, maintenance, and refilling—none of these are required when you have a disposable vape.

Currently, Hyde products lead the way as the most reputable vaping devices. The devices are from Hyde Vapes, a UK-based company dealing with the manufacture of vaping devices. Hyde disposable vape pen is one of the latest additions to their product line. Like most of their vapes, the pens also come in different colors and exciting flavors. Click here to know more about Hyde disposables


The popularity of Hyde Disposables

Hyde disposables have new and exciting features you won’t find in any regular disposable vape. Each vape pen comes with a high concentration of salt, nicotine, and plenty of e-liquid. The pens have a battery powerful enough to ensure it gets you through the day. Hyde disposables also come with a great throat hit that you can’t easily replicate.

If you also want a vape pen that assures you of many different flavors, you won’t go wrong with Hyde disposables. Being single-use vape devices, you don’t have to worry about maintenance, charging, and other tiring tasks that make vaping feel like quite a hassle. All you should do is inhale and get on with the fun.

The hype concerning their excellent features has unfortunately made Hyde products a target for counterfeits and clone production. Attempts at replicating Hyde disposables are genuine, and you now face the unfortunate possibility of finding unauthentic Hyde disposables on the market. Some companies manage to get close to imitating the features found in real Hyde disposables. 

Purchasing any of these fake Hyde disposables may have serious potential effects. In most cases, they are created out of low-quality metals around the coils. When the fake metal gets into contact with the heat, it may produce toxic fumes harmful to your lungs and even expose you further to the vaping risks.

So, it’s crucial to learn how to detect counterfeit Hyde disposables and protect yourself from serious harm. Luckily, you don’t have to struggle as there are ways to get ahead of the unauthentic Hyde products and separate fake ones from the legit. Here are a few ways to know the difference;

  1. Look for the Hyde Hologram

Hyde products always feature the “Dancing H’s—the company’s signature hologram. This should tell you first whether the product is fake or authentic. An authentic Hyde disposable should also have four printed components.

The first one is the Logo with a trademark. Next in line is the flavor’s name blue cookie strain price, the available nicotine content, and an arrow indicating the inhalation point. Each of the Hyde disposables has a unique color associated with it. An authentic one will have the correct color matching the one indicated on the packaging.

  1. Scan the Code on the Product

The current technology also allows you to establish the authenticity of any product by scanning the QR code. Companies often rely on these codes to frequently track information about their products in a supply chain.

Considering most smartphones have built-in QR readers, Hyde Vapes has made it easier for users to check the product’s authenticity by scanning the code. Their products often have the “Scratch Me” sticker covering the QR code on the Hologram. Scratch the sticker and use your camera app to scan the QR code.

Alternatively, you can scratch the sticker and use the authentication code for verification on Authentic Hyde.

  1. Technical Index

You can also rely on the product’s technical index to ascertain its authenticity. For instance, Hyde’s disposable vape pen kit has multiple design features that set it apart from other vapes in the market. And even though imitators may manage to recreate the product for the fake market, they may not get it all right.

That’s why you should look at all the product’s technical aspects before spending any money on it. First, Hyde disposables come with 1.6 ml of nicotine e-juice. The juice has multiple flavors: straw melon apple, cherry lemonade, spearmint, pink lemonade, and mango ice.

Alongside the e-liquid, the disposables also have 50 mg of salt nicotine. Lastly, the disposable should feature a 380 mAh battery, which is enough to power its performance. If you find any of the above technical features missing, consider your Hyde disposables fake.

  1. The Appearance and Accessories

Appearance is also enough to tell you whether the disposables are authentic or not. A small-sized Hyde disposable vape pen resembles a USB drive. It’s much smaller than most vapes in the market today. 

The disposables are also exceptionally portable and can fit comfortably in a pocket. And since the vapes are one-use, the only thing in the kit is the pen. There are no accessories like charges and e-liquid fillers. 

After all, you don’t need them in the first place because you won’t plug the disposables for recharging or refill the e-juice. So, any Hyde disposable that comes with lots of accessories is a fake one. 


Final Thought

Hyde disposables offer you the latest way of vaping. The device addresses all your vaping needs through a small pen that boasts of a fantastic performance. But first, ensure the device you’re using is authentic by verifying its details through the above-shared tips. This will keep you safe from using fake Hyde disposables that may cause you complications.

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