How To Properly Clean Your Concrete

concrete cleaning

Regardless of whether you live in a condo or own a commercial building, you’ll need to perform some kind of concrete cleaning from time to time. While concrete is a durable building material, it can be a pain to clean. You need a combination of knowledge and elbow grease to successfully clean concrete. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to clean concrete. These tips will help you keep your property looking great and maintain the value of your property.

Basic Acidic Cleaner:

A basic acidic cleaner works to remove soluble contaminants from concrete. It is also effective at removing efflorescence, an insoluble metallic salt that appears as a white powder or crystalline residue on concrete surfaces. This residue will not wash off with plain water. Efflorescence can form on concrete due to a combination of conditions including exposure to hard water, high salt content in the soil, and high soil alkalinity. Fortunately, there are several types of acidic cleaners that can effectively remove stains from concrete surfaces.

Concrete Cleaner:

When choosing a concrete cleaner, you need to know the type of concrete you have. Certain stains are more difficult to remove than others. Also, some concrete cleaners are more convenient to use than others. Once you’ve decided what type of cleaner you want, check its ingredients, ease of use, and versatility. Clean, dry, and seal your concrete floor regularly. A sealant will prevent dirt from penetrating the pores of the concrete, making future maintenance easier.

Local Solid Waste Department:

Fresh spills can be soaked up with kitty litter. If the spill is automotive, however, you may need to call your local solid waste department. Oxygen bleach will clean stains from concrete when mixed with hot water and a scrub brush. Use this solution more than once if you need to. You can also try a solution of laundry detergent and hot water. If this doesn’t work, you can try baking soda.

Clean concrete regularly to extend its service life. Dirty concrete is hard to spot, but freshly cleaned concrete is highly visible. The process for cleaning concrete differs between different types of concrete, so choose the right cleaner depending on the surface you are working with. Use an environmentally friendly all-purpose cleaner such as Kimiko Neutral Clean, which has a low VOC composition and is Led compliant. It’s best to use the right product to remove any stubborn stains.

Homemade Cleaners:

Homemade cleaners made from white vinegar or baking soda are effective for cleaning concrete. These are eco-friendly and effective on both heavily and moderately soiled surfaces. Before cleaning concrete services, remove any objects, plants, debris, or weeds from the area. After this, apply the cleaner of your choice using a stiff nylon brush or pressure washer. You can then mop up the residue with clean water. Once the solution is ready, allow it to dry.