How to shrink PDF files and reduce file size

PDF files may easily grow to enormous sizes. Although, the numerous programmes can reduce pdf size using a pdf size reducer that is simpler to publish online. Therefore, it is crucial to shrink pdf files. They’ll bail you out the next time you reach a PDF file size restriction.

We’ve divided the top tools to compress and shrink pdf files into four categories.

Adobe Acrobat Professional

There is an utility named “PDF Optimizer” within the application, If you have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer. One of the simplest and most effective methods for shrink pdf documents is Adobe Acrobat.

The pdf shrinker free is a tool that is available free of cost for compressing your pdf documents.

To do so, open your PDF in Acrobat and go to Tools > Optimize PDF. Just above the PDF, a toolbar with a few choices will emerge.

When you choose Lower File Size, you have the option of reducing a single or numerous files. Following that, you’ll specify the file’s name and location. When you click Save, Acrobat uses the default settings to try to reduce the file size.

You will be presented with additional options to guarantee that you maintain the required level of quality, if you select Advanced Optimization. To assist with this, in the Comprehensive Optimization box, choose Audit Space Usage to see how much storage each type of element takes up inside the file.

PDF Tools for Browsers

Try DocuPub’s NeeviaPDF if you want greater control over the quality of your shrink pdf by (for files less than 24 MB in size).

You may select one of the presets, to simplify things, which range from minimal compression (for improved picture quality) to maximum compression (for a lesser picture quality). Also you have the option of removing certain components from your PDF. Page labels, Forms, and annotations are examples of items that might unnecessarily raise the file size.

Our example PDF shrank by 98 percent, weighing in at only 203KB, down from 11,775KB. This was the minimum value we attained in our experiments, and the outcome seemed great. How much of the original PDF do you require for discarding will be based on how much storage you surely have to secure?

PDF Tools for Windows

Windows 10 now provides a print-to-PDF option. However, complex functions such as adjusting the size and the quality of a document are not included in this functionality. Simultaneously, several PDF printers let you select the compression and quality settings, which may have a significant impact on your PDF files sizes.


FreePDF is a traditional PDF printer which we report as it allows you to define your own compression profiles. Once installed, it’ll appear in your Windows printers list.

To use FreePDF for decreasing the size of a PDF document, open it, use Ctrl + P for opening the print dialogue, select FreePDF as your printer, click OK, and wait for the FreePDF dialogue to appear. You can select one of three predefined PDF profiles: eBook, High Quality, or Medium Quality.

Go to the top right and select Edit Configuration, then Profiles to design a customised PDF profile. Then click New, and then adjust the parameters in the Profile editor box. You may modify the overall quality of your PDF, change the default resolution for images contained inside a PDF, and apply a watermark to your PDFs.