How to Use Yoga for Stress and Anxiety Reduction?

Yoga For Stress Relief

Since ancient times, yoga is the oldest practice for mind, soul, and body development. Also, Yoga’s popularity has grown as people experienced various physical and mental benefits. Moreover, different studies have proved that little yoga practice at any time of the day helps to improve performance and busts stress levels & anxiety.

It is believed that yoga for stress and anxiety is very useful for stress as it promotes a good mood, less tension, and high productivity. Along with physical postures, you can include breathing, meditation, and relaxation techniques like Yoga Nidra.

Yoga for Stress and Anxiety

For thousands of years, yoga has been a great antidote to stress and anxiety as it encourages mental and physical relaxation. But, people usually limit their thoughts to asanas when it comes to yoga. However, yoga for stress and anxiety is not restricted to it. It has various techniques like breath control, meditation, an exercise that will leave a great impact on the stress and anxiety levels.

Moreover, focusing on a present moment during your yoga practice enhances your awareness, concentration, and focus of mind.

As you become aware of the transitions in the body through sensations, you will find it easier to bid adieu to negative thoughts and experiences. You also learn to cultivate feelings of love, joy, and pleasure.

Now, let us have a look at various yoga techniques that might help you alleviate stress and anxiety:

Yogic Breathing for Stress and Anxiety Reduction

Breathing exercise is known as Pranayama in Sanskrit, teaches you to relax and regulate your breath. It also teaches you to breathe deeply as deep breathing helps in alleviating stress and anxiety. Breathing techniques provide you with quality sleep and encourages mindfulness.

You can practice breathing exercises at any time of the day or even during your yoga sessions to calm and relax the mind. It also helps you at times when you experience uncomfortable emotions and situations.

Apart from stress reduction, deep breathing improves the oxygen levels in the body. A few popular types of Pranayama are:

  • Alternate Nostril Breathing (Anuloma and Viloma)
  • Breath of Fire (Kapalbhati)
  • Lion’s Breath (Simhasana)
  • Humming Bee Breath (Bhramari)

Yoga Poses to Alleviate Stress and Anxiety

Hatha Yoga is the practice of yoga postures. If you want to reduce stress levels, no yoga style is superior. Any exercise will help you with stress by keeping the body healthy and releasing the natural hormones that promote a good mood. Pick the one that meets your physical requirements and capabilities.

You can relieve stress and anxiety even with simple stretching. As it releases the tension from the problematic areas including hips and shoulders. Moreover, it provides you relief from lower back pain.

Without waiting for tomorrow as it never comes, you can start practicing the following yoga poses today onward to enjoy every moment stress-free.

  • Cat and Cow Pose
  • Child’s Pose
  • Legs Up the Wall Pose
  • Corpse Pose
  • Cobra Pose

Meditation for Stress and Anxiety

You can practice meditation on its own or includes it as a part of your asana routine. Meditation position includes sitting on a chair or the floor. It all depends on which type of meditation practice you opt to reduce your stress levels.

Meditation can be practiced on your own or you can seek guidance from the experts about the best-suited meditation practice. Once, you establish meditation practice on a daily routine, stick to it and have a happy life.

Yoga Nidra, a relaxing meditation, is a fantastic option when you are too tired to practice asanas. It is guided meditation that you do in-person with the teacher or via recordings. Further, it promotes deep relaxation, eliminates stress, and helps you sleep better.

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Every yoga session ends with the relaxation of 10-20 minutes which is necessary for stress and anxiety reduction.

The Bottom Line

Uncontrolled stress can result in depression. So, including yoga practice in your daily routine can reduce your stress and anxiety levels to zero.

Practice the above-mentioned techniques daily as this is the only way other than medication to lead a stress-free life.

Enjoy the process of discovering techniques and practices that brings you the greatest benefits.

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