Human Memory: 10 Interesting Facts You Must Know

A vital human skill, memory helps us store, sustain, and replicate information. The human brain can hold data almost as much as 4000 largest iPhones

Memory influences your experiences in life and enables you to perform tasks. Thanks to this powerful cognitive ability, we can form relationships, make progress in our work lives, and recollect our favorite foods. 

It’s hard to understand how memory exactly does, what it does. So, it’s worthwhile “knowing memory better,” especially amusing facts about it.

These ten interesting facts about human memory are for you to know and also to remember!

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  1. You Must Forget New Info First To Enhance Your Memory 

Research experts at the University of California (UC) suggest that you must forget new data or information at a certain level before retaining it in your memory. Contrary to conventional wisdom, isn’t it? 

However, the studies related to human memory show that instead of repeatedly repeating new information, forgetting it, and relearning it, it helps strengthen your memory over time. So, from here on, don’t worry if you forget new info at first, for instance, the name of the next-door, newly-opened pharmacy. You’re doing your memory a favor!

  1. It’s Easier To Remember False Descriptions Rather Than False Denials 

We’re all guilty of lying, at one point or another. However, we can remember some lies better than others. Studies conducted at the Louisiana State University (LSU) indicate that when we fabricate details while lying, our memory retains the lie more quickly due to the extra brainpower required for creating the unreal details. 

On the other hand, while denying correct information or factual events, you don’t need much of your cognitive ability—no elaborate inventions and exaggerated imaginations here.

  1. Human Memory Improves In Rich Environments

Environmental factors like location, illumination, and noise significantly impact memory. For instance, research findings show that spending time in natural surroundings such as greenery boosts memory. Nature scapes improve memory by relieving mental fatigue and restoring mental energy.

When it comes to indoors, coffee shops do their magic owing to their warm and friendly ambiance and caffeine in your drink! Seeing other people focused on their laptops here motivates you to concentrate on your work, thus enhancing memory. 

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  1. Human Memory Loves Procrastination

Interestingly, procrastination is a time-and-energy stealer, which seemingly aggravates stress and is an essential human memory tool. When we procrastinate, we aren’t actively focusing on the pending task. Delaying the completion of pending work lets your subconscious think out ideas while you’re focused on something else.

This type of behavior is most evident while doing menial tasks—for instance, your eureka moments while taking a shower. So, don’t upset yourself over that long-pending, important assignment.

  1. Left-handed People Have More Explicit Memories Of Events

This small minority of the world’s population scores better in remembering events than their right-handed counterparts. The reason is that in the lefties, there’s a strong connection between the brain’s hemispheres. This cross-talk boosts episodic memory, helping lefties to remember specific happenings or experiences. 

By the way, are you a leftie?  If you are, there’s the reason now to be proud of it. 

  1. Human Memory Likes Funky Fonts

Reading study guides doesn’t qualify as fun work. But what if you get to read serious stuff in funky fonts such as Monotype Corsiva or Comic Sans? Indeed, a refresher from the usually rotated font styles.

The matter written in a unique font style will naturally get prominence in our minds.  Hence, learning and remembering the points become more comfortable, helping us perform well on tests. 

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  1. Memorizing Becomes Easier By Reading Things Out Loud

When you read something out loud, the memory stores the information nicely. So, you’d more likely recollect things by saying them out loud. 

There’s no need to struggle now with memorizing that critical speech. Just practice it out loud. 

  1. Sitting Up Straight Helps To Boost Recall Memory

Slouching is as detrimental to your back as it is to the memory function. When you sit up straight, the brain receives blood and oxygen nearly 40 percent more than in the slouching position. So, the next time you find it hard to recollect things, just straighten up!

Sit up straight at work and munch on the CBD products like cbd oil,cbd gummies and cbd tincture and one can know where to buy cbd oil in canada by visiting online channels for better memory. Enjoy the benefits of the right posture and the right snack.

  1. A Power Nap Is A Memory’s Aid

A short, rejuvenating sleep won’t hurt. Research shows that power naps reduce stress and recharge your mind, thus boosting your memory recall. 

During the day, make sure to snatch a 45-60 minutes sleep for a memory boost. A five-fold improvement guaranteed! Maintaining a consistent nap timetable, say, during the mid-afternoon, will further help data retention.

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  1. Scents Revive Vivid Memories 

A scent can trigger even distant memories. For instance, the aroma of freshly-baked cookies might recall childhood memories of spending summer vacations with your grandparents! Catching even a slight smell of pumpkin pie could take you back to festive fall gatherings with friends and family. 

Scents act as powerful memory triggers because of the olfactory nerve’s proximity to the brain’s area, storing emotional experiences and memories. The olfactory nerve also lies exceptionally close to the hippocampus, which plays a significant role in memory. 


Now you know some of the most interesting facts about human memory. Use them to keep them fresh in your memory!