Ideas for Wedding Table Linens

Ideas for Wedding Table Linens

Table linens play an important role in the overall design of your wedding reception. The right table linens can create a cohesive look, contribute to a theme, and set the stage for centerpieces and other table decors. Cloth napkins, table runners, and table skirts are widely available in nearly every color imaginable, so it’s convenient and simple to customize your look. Cotton and polyester are practical choices, while more exotic materials like lace, bichon, satin, silk, organza, and chiffon add an extravagant feel to any event.

Types of Table Linens:


Use tablecloths to make a wedding venue conform to your wedding vision. Making a strong first impression on guests as they enter the reception will help make your wedding one to remember. You can choose colors to match your overall wedding theme, pick colors to complement the other table decorations, go with neutrals so they don’t compete with centerpieces, or use textured fabrics to add depth.

Lace Overlays

For a vintage-inspired wedding, consider placing a lace overlay on top of your tablecloth. Lay cream-colored lace over a colored underlay for a romantic look. Choose ivory for an antique look or white for a modern twist; your wedding color will peek through the lace fabric and tie the decor together.

Table Runners

To add an extra pop of color to your reception decor, you can use table runners. Runners allow you to combine your wedding colors in interesting, artistic and unexpected ways. Place flower centerpieces and candles on top of the runner as a decorative touch. Customize the look by choosing different colors for different tables or choosing shades that are similar to your wedding colors without being exactly the same.

Table Skirts

Use table skirts, which are pieces of fabric that wrap around the table without covering it, to add an extra dimension to your wedding reception. Choose a table skirt in a contrasting color or appealing texture to add interest to the large banquet and serving tables or set off the cake table with a ruffled skirt. Dark tablecloths on dinner tables will highlight elegant place settings while white or pastel skirts will lighten a room.

Cloth Napkins

Cloth napkins add the finishing touch to your wedding table design. Choose napkins in your wedding shades to add color to a table with a white tablecloth or place elegant white napkins against the backdrop of a colorful tablecloth. Use decorative napkin rings to pull the design together; for example, choose a ring featuring dangling glass leaves for a fall wedding or seashell-printed rings for a beach-themed reception.


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