Importance of Joint Care

Ayurvedic medicine for joint pain

The human body is a machine that is carefully created and hangs on the balance of many small things. Like a well-lubricated machine that requires all its oils and grease to run efficiently without any friction, the body also requires all its natural fluids that surround each joint so that every bone and body part can move and perform its functions without any problems.

The human body has many joints that help in free movement and functions such as bending and folding. Joint pain can cause problems in these functions. Western and Ayurvedic medicine for joint pain can help in controlling these problems but beyond medicines, a good lifestyle and diet can even help in preventing such problems from an initial phase.

The science of Ayurveda helps patients in understanding the root of the issue when it comes to joint pain and helps in managing the issue by effective medicines and by correcting some of the lifestyle-related problems that might be causing such issues.

What are Joints? How do they become Inflamed?

Joints are made of a socket that helps in retaining a bone that attaches itself just like a ball and socket in a machine. The bone and socket have a fluid called the synovial fluid that helps in easy movement by avoiding any friction that can be caused otherwise.

Due to age and other factors, these fluids can weaken and disappear causing the bones to rub against each other. These actions cause the bones to inflame and cause inconvenience such as not being able to move properly, fold joints or have any proper movements.

This can naturally happen to many patients due to age factors. But thankfully, ayurvedic medicine for joint pain has been proven to minimize the pain to a very manageable level. In some patients, the condition is also curable.

There are other lifestyle habits that can cause joint pain and the decrease in synovial fluid:

  • Smoking

Smoking and consumption of other harmful substances such as alcohol can naturally wean the synovial fluid and cause it to drain. Nicotine and alcohol have devastating effects on the body and prolonged exposure to these substances can cause weakening of the bones.

  • Lack of Exercise

A sedentary lifestyle can cause the knees and elbows to lose movement and become inflexible. Doctors recommend a healthy and active lifestyle with plenty of bodily movements and stretches that help in keeping the joints in good condition

  • Poor Diet

A diet filled with excess salt, excess oil, excess fat, or excess sugar is extremely dangerous to bone health as it makes the bone more porous over time and makes movement very difficult as time goes by.

Ayurvedic Solutions for Joint Pain

Ayurveda recommends a healthy lifestyle, practice of yoga and medications, a switch to clean eating habits, and ayurvedic medicine for joint pain, to help in controlling and managing joint pain in patients.

Medicines are made from safe herbal extracts that help in purifying the body and removing toxic substances and eventually help in fortifying the bones and healing the joints. Continued usage of herbal supplements along with yoga and a healthy lifestyle with nutritious food and rest can help in bringing back the joint movements that the patients once had.

Ayurvedic massages with essential healing oils are also recommended for joint pain as it helps in regaining flexibility and detoxifying the body and helps in relieving soreness and tenderness from the joints.