What Are 5 Interesting Facts About Sweden?

Interesting Facts About Sweden

Present in Northern Europe and surrounded by boreal forests, Sweden is one of the most iconic countries for visitors. The lakes and islands are present here in plenty. According to an estimate, there are about 270,000 islands in Sweden. Other than that many other places have been present there. Its lakes are of prime importance and the mountainous regions are enough to attract hikers across the globe.

Other than beautiful scenery, law and order situations are also excellent in this country. It is one of those countries in the world which have the lowest rate of corruption. The quality and standard of life in Sweden are quite high. Meanwhile, per capita income is also excellent.

Protection of the citizens is also excellent. Taxes are somehow high in Sweden as compared to other countries. But the services and facilities that are received by the public in response to these taxes are also up to the mark.

Other than the above things, a lot of business opportunities in Sweden are present as well. You can invest in any profitable business and can transform your current life and future. This will also help you to secure the future of even your generation. Many people are trying to get the residence certificate of Sweden to enjoy all the facilities.

Other than the above opportunities, facilities, beautiful sceneries, and mountainous forests, some other facts are also present about Sweden. These facts are going to blow your head with amazement.

1. Banning of Spanking by Parents

Physical punishment in any form is banned in Sweden. And the most interesting thing is that even parents cannot ask a single question or give them some punishment regarding any act of their children. According to the Swedish Government if someone does something wrong, then the state and its laws are here to treat him/her. No other person has the right to judge and punish someone.

You might wonder what is the fact in this statement or information, as these rules regarding spanking are present in almost every European country. But you have the answer in the form of the fact that Sweden is the first ever country in the world to introduce and implicate this rule.

2. Sweden is a Large Exporter of Musical Instruments

Music and Sweden have some deep relationships. Whenever you talk about Sweden, it is impossible that you do not talk about music or musical instruments. Many business experts suggest that starting a business of musical instruments is probably the best investment option in Sweden.

This music and musical instruments of Sweden are not only limited to it. It is also a big exporter of them. And it comes at number 3 when you talk about the list of top exporters of musical instruments.

3. A Country with Oldest National Parks of Europe

You might think that only Sweden has national parks in the entire Europe. The simple answer is no as many other countries also have the same parks in them. But here you are listening about the oldest national parks, not only national parks. If it comes to the age of parks, then Sweden is at the No. 1.

The reason behind this is that Sweden is the first country in Europe which developed a national park. It was established almost in 1909 or 1910. The list doesn’t end there as many other national parks are also present there, which counts almost 29.

4. Imports Garbage

Sweden is a country with an excellent system of managing and handling waste materials. According to a survey report, only 1 percent of household waste is thrown into landfills. Others are recycled and used to run power plants. Sweden also imports the waste material from nearby countries to make its recycling system keep going.

5. Permitting Sex Change

Today the world has changed a lot. Many countries have laws regarding changing sex and give this right to the public. But Sweden is the first country to permit its citizens to have a sex change. It is also the first country to promote and allow homosexuality.Other than the above facts, Sweden is also known for its refugees. Many people come to get asylum in Sweden. In 2015-16, Sweden has supported more asylum seekers than any other European country.

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