Introduce the 80’s Style to Your Home

We give a mixed reaction when we think of the 1980’s period. But the experts in interior designing claim it to be the most creative period of decorating. The originality in the concepts and the kaleidoscope of ideas, the geometric patterns creating those mantras, and the wild choices flowing in the entire place provided an entirely unique but impressive décor. And if you want to time travel in your home once again, then here are the best tips for you.

The Best Ways to Bring the 1980’s Décor to Your Home

We might not be exaggerating when we say that retro decors have the power to add life to any barren space. The only thing you require for this effect is the expert’s advice and our secret tips.

  • The pastels magic —If you think pastels came into being because of the mobile revolution, then you’re highly mistaken. The pastels have been a proud part of the decors since the 80s. Especially the walls were actually adorned with different pastel shades and sometimes even a mixture of these would be part of the rooms. Now, the first step towards your retro décor is calling the painters in Hamilton from Flamingo Exterior Plastering. They are really good at creating such a unique and wondrous atmosphere in your home with the magic of paints and plasters. Let them create a nice ambience in your home using a handful of pastels mixed and matched together.
  • The flowery effect — The flowery patterns may seem out of fashion, but they can actually look wonderful in your 1980s décor theme. Be it as wallpapers in your living room or the florals in your furnishings or in the carpet, let the blossoms make your home beam with positive vibes.
  • Try the Memphis style — The Memphis style used to reign the interiors during the nineteen-eighties. But they have made a comeback dramatically nowadays. With vibrant colours in plastics, laminates, and terrazzo, these are sure to give a really happy feel to your home. From the lights to the furniture in your house, let your entire place speak of true retro vibes with the Memphis style around. Geometric patterns, an amalgamation of colours like pastels with neon etc. would make your pad pulsate with life.
  • Huge, highly decorative furniture — The retro era enjoyed lots of space. That is why you’ll find that even the furniture used in that era to be glorious and huge. The same effect you can bring to your home if you opt for that magnificently large furniture. The edges of these items had wonderful, ornamental carvings on them which have the power to make your interiors look glamorous.
  • Curves and sagging sofas — We really love the sagging and extra comfy sofa sets of the 1980s which used to cover almost the entire living room area. Why not make it prevalent in your home too? And you can even enjoy those sexy curves at the legs of these sofas or coffee tables making them look all the more appealing.

Make way for the retro décor in your home using all these creative and brilliant ideas and enjoy luxurious, gleeful, and charming interiors. But remember, you’re actually living in the 21st century and keeping some space for technological advances in spite of the traditional décor is essential. 

Eada Hudes

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