Is Investing in Internet Bundles Bring Convince, Savings & Perks?

Nothing is free in this materialistic world. Everything comes with a price tag some with higher and some lower than your range. Smart and sensible people invest their money after researching and analyzing each and every aspect. No matter how much or less money you invest in a particular thing or service, you should get an equally valuable return of your money.

With ever-growing technological advancements, the world has become online whether it is about shopping, business, education, or health. People of any age group, cannot even imagine their lives without an internet connection. But then the question arises whether it is a smart decision to invest in internet bundles. Does it cost you extra or can be a source for saving your money? Does one should purchase separate packages for TV and internet or should one opt for a combined bundle? Does purchasing bundled internet packages bring convenience and savings? Well, the answer to this is a big YES. 

It is comparatively a smarter practice to buy phone, cable and internet bundles from the same provider in order to avoid wasting extra money on different subscriptions and dealing with separate providers.  

The most popular and profitable strategy for internet service providers is bundled pricing strategy. This strategy allows the ISPs to provide more services together at higher margins as well as offer discounts to consumers simultaneously. On the consumers’ side, bundles of the internet mean attaining several services on one consolidated bill. Following are some benefits of investing in internet bundles

  1. Higher accessibility – A decade ago, a home would probably need a single cable TV and a single device using an internet connection. But now, when the world is constantly reshaping with technological advancements and has become fully digital almost all households have more than one TV and digital device (separate phones, laptops, tabs, etc.) It’s beneficial not to spend their precious time, energy, and money on purchasing separate packages and undergoing separate contracts for each device. Instead one should opt for bundles i.e. suitable for all. You can watch favorite shows on Netflix, send emails, sell or buy the online product all with the help of access to a good internet connection. 
  2. More convenient than separate subscriptions – Purchasing cable and internet bundles together is far more convenient rather than opting for separate deals and providers. Nowadays, companies that offer bundled packages offer a highly advanced way of watching TV. Creating your own personal playlists of your favorite shows, recording it at the same time, watching it again some other time, and simultaneously enjoying live internet streaming are the perks of buying bundled packages.
  3. More economical – Buying something within the budget is what we all need and we all do. It is generally a misconception that buying a bundled package is expensive. Despite knowing all the benefits of bundled packages for cable and the internet, consumers fear buying such packages only due to this misconception. But, this actually is not true. The money you spend is equally the worth of the services you get all at the same time without any hassle of interruption. Separate subscriptions will require a separate signing up process, separate subscription Fees as well as hardware installation fees, etc. Billing also would be too hectic in that case. 
  4. Same customer support for all – In case of any queries, mismanagement, and hardware or technical issue either in cable TV or internet you would not be worried about contacting separate customer support numbers. You can simply call on a single helpline or just drop an email about all your problems. 24/7 customer support resolves the consumer’s issue within a few minutes by providing effective technical service. 

The best cable TV and internet bundle providers offer many attractive deals or features and keep on updating them for consumers’ better experience such as

  • Free installation of modem, hardware, and security suite
  • Upgrading or replacing equipment whenever needed
  • Providing free gifts and discount cards for regular consumers
  •  live streaming with no extra equipment
  • Supporting 8 to 10 internet devices with download speed up to 100mbps 
  • 300+ channels and much more

In a nutshell, 

Millions of people interact with each other virtually via internet connection. Internet with the complete package is a blessing as it makes our daily work easy and fast.   So, buying cable TV and internet bundles definitely brings convenience and savings to you if you choose the right bundle according to your wants and needs. 

Shehroz Hassan

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