Is It Possible To Make Money From Recycling Bottles And Cans

Recycling plastic bottles and cans is one of the best ways to add some extra cash to your pocket. Apart from this, it also ensures that you’re responsible for the environment. Plastic bottles and aluminum cans, by far, are the most effective and most accessible products to recycle and make some money. It can be profitable, but only if you know how the collection and recycling of bottles works. Bottle depots in Calgary and worldwide accept several items in exchange for cash. The sum of money you may make by recycling cans depends on various variables, but the best part is that the initial investment is modest. You’re set to start with some waste containers and an excellent reference for gathering the cans.

How Much Can You Earn From Recycling Cans?

Aluminum recycling prices are affected by the actual market spot prices for aluminum, with recyclers typically receiving half of the total market price. If the current average price of a commodity is 50 cents, recyclers will most likely pay approximately 25 cents per pound. Nonetheless, some people are unaware that aluminum costs can be negotiated. So, if a recycling business offers you 15 cents per pound, you can bargain up to 20 cents per pound or more. As a result, it’s critical not to let a bottle recycling depot take advantage of you by paying you any less than you deserve.

It’s also imperative to keep in mind that if you’re not making money right away for the aluminum cans you brought to the recycling center, you should receive written specific payment details before leaving. Considering aluminum prices fluctuate daily if you don’t have a signed agreement in hand for the cans you supply, a day’s postponement could result in a minor compensation.

How can you make money recycling plastic bottles?

Unless your region has enacted a bottle bill, you can use plastic containers for cash. However, some jurisdictions without bottle taxes have roadside recycling programs and bottle recycling depots where you can bring empty, cleaned plastic bottles. You might get anywhere from 5 cents to 10 cents for each plastic container based on your location.

If you live in an area with bottle return legislation, you may also deposit plastic containers and other waste for money at reclamation centers. To get started, open Google and type in the keywords “bottle depots near me.” You’ll be given a list of neighboring areas where you may exchange containers, cans, and other items for money. While living in Calgary, Walden Bottle Depot can be a reliable choice.

Where can you get more plastic bottles for the recycling process?

If all you want to do is generate a little additional money from the bottles you already have, you’re good to go. You can profit from something that would otherwise be discarded. However, if you want to make the most money, you’ll want to gather as many cans and bottles as possible. Admittedly, the greater the number of plastic containers you have, the more cash you will earn.

  • Family and relatives

Ask your friends and relatives if they have any plastic containers they’d be happy to donate. The majority of individuals are content to have someone else take care of their discarded bottles.

  • Neighbours

Please inquire with your neighbours about any plastic you could recycle for them. You likely have neighbours who don’t dispose of their plastics and would gladly offer you their undesired trash.

  • Restaurants and bars

Offer to pick up empty bottles and cans from pubs and restaurants. It is an excellent technique to collect extra plastic containers and other trash that you can sell. Ask local bars and eateries whether you can gather and reuse their empty containers. Some establishments may be eager to collaborate with you, mainly if you give the owners suitable collection times. It’s a definite plus because you gain money while these places get rid of unneeded recycling materials.


The rental agreement would be the same for glassware, plastic, and aluminum cans. Locate the local bottle recycling depot and transport the material yourself or hire their service. Also, recycling containers gives you free money. Bottle depots in Calgary (e.g., Walden Bottle Depot) and other cities can guide you further about daily prices and the number of pieces they accept. 

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