Is Your Brand’s Marketing Failing to Take Off? Here Are 4 Reasons It May Be Time to Hire the Pros to Boost Your Brand Design

Savvy companies know that investing in their business pays.

But when it comes to investing money in a good design, many owners are reluctant to find the budget despite the huge importance of presenting their marketing and communication materials professionally.

This is often the case when times get tough for a business, and it needs to cut costs. It is usually the creative department that gets the first cut. Although this scenario is understandable, especially for small businesses and startups with limited resources, even a huge enterprise can have a blind spot in managing its brand design.

  1. Excellent design always sells

A company is always motivated by numbers. For this reason, an investment such as a professional design must pay off.

Many studies over the years have demonstrated that design-led companies enjoy more significant turnover and profits than those which didn’t place much emphasis on good design.

  1. First impressions are critical

You must make sure your brand makes an excellent first impression, and, in many cases, this impression is 94% design related.

Companies must remember that they might only have one opportunity to make a good first impression with customers, potential employees, or prospective investors. First impressions can make or break a deal.

A Google research discovered that web users form a judgment of a company after just 50 milliseconds of landing on a webpage. This is all the time it takes for someone to have a gut feeling of whether they will continue staying on the site or leave.

Interestingly, the study found that both visual complexity and prototypicality played critical roles in the formation of aesthetic judgment. Prototypicality refers to how well a design represents a specific category of websites. This impression happens in an incredibly short time frame of between 17 and 50 milliseconds faster than you can blink your eye.

  1. Routing perceptions

A good design will benefit your website and all your marketing and Brand design materials.

In a commercial establishment such as a restaurant, you may have noticed the supreme effort chefs put into making an elegant presentation. It even seems that they have put more care into the aesthetics of a plate than the actual cooking of the dish. The reason is chefs and restaurateurs know that people eat with their eyes first. A good designer must know this as well.

The concept of people being visual creatures extends to all of a business’s visual materials. For this reason, an intelligent design can even help you direct and control a person’s perception of a brand and its products.

  1. A great design makes your brand unforgettable

Businesses want to be remembered. There might be products or brands you can picture vividly in your head and yet cannot remember the company name.

A good design is memorable in ways that words and names are not. Human beings are more adept at recalling visual cues than anything else.

Although a business’s personality, PR, and customer service are critical points, on a purely surface level, it is an incredible design that will make your brand memorable.

If you want your brand to make an enormous footprint, it may be time to invest in a good design. A re-branding or a redesign could be the key to taking your business to the top.


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