Job Burnout – Spot it & Take Action!

Job Burnout

Wakey, wakey, sleepy head!

You can’t just snooze off with so many incomplete tasks in your to-do-list. What did you say? Are you too tired? Or maybe you are just burnt out! Let’s have a look at your last couple of weeks and see what you have been juggling the entire time.

Wow! You have been juggling two jobs, taking care of the kids, have been given pick-and-drop to your kind neighbor who broke his leg. You are trying too hard to be the best employee, the best parent, the best neighbor, and maybe the best version of yourself. But do you know what you have been losing?

You have been losing quality sleep, me time, quality time with your partner, with your kids, and most importantly, you have been losing yourself. Take your time, sit back, relax a bit, and let reality sink in.

Take out some time and think about the last couple of months. You have been overdoing everything, but still, you have gotten nowhere. But, don’t worry since you are not the only fish in the pond. Did you know there are thousands of people walking the same road as yours: job burnout is more common than you can possibly imagine. With that said, it is crucial to know about the symptoms before the brain alarm goes off, and you develop some serious health issues as a consequence.

What are the Symptoms of Job Burnout?

You can feel it, sense it, but not really diagnose it. The most common symptoms of job burnout include an increased sense of alienation at the workplace. The job that you once loved and felt proud of feels like a noose dangling from your neck. The experience of job burnout differs from one person to another. 

However, the most significant signs are gloom, anxiety, stress, frustration, and even depression. People experiencing job burnout will feel cynical about their job, their co-workers, and their employers. They might even feel numb and might act aloof from their working surroundings. 

This sense of alienation stems from the person’s action of emotionally distancing themselves from their work. They no longer show interest or enthusiasm. The tasks that took a few hours to get completed are now dragged for days before they are half-heartedly done.

What can you do about it?

Chin up! You don’t have to dwell on the emotional, physical, and mental pain for the rest of your life! The remedy to job burnout is simple! All you need to do is to take a break. 

What did you say? Your boss or the Human Resource won’t approve? 

Stress, anxiety, and frustration related to work is reversible. If all this problem is caused by your workplace, you can get workers compensation and take a break from this routine. You just need to make some changes, and you are back to your old happy self. 

You don’t necessarily have to work extensive hours. Make sure that you eat healthily and take proper rest at night. If it gets too bad at work, consider talking to your boss or change your job altogether!


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