Process of Knee Replacement Operation and its Suggested Preparations

knee replacement operation

Knee replacement operation is one of the tough operations which can become successful only if properly cared for. To do so there are some of the particular measures that you must look after. Apart from these measures, the hospital, that you choose for the knee replacement surgery also influences the rate of your recovery. So, if you are in Kota make sure that you go to the best orthopedic hospital in Kota and likewise. But now we will be discussing the preparations that you need to make for a proper knee replacement operation.

Commonly Required and Suggested Medical Preparations For Knee Replacement

Cut or decrease medications

For the patients who are going for knee replacement operation, it is highly recommended to cut down on all the medicines that a person is previously on. You must have to visit the doctor at least 7 to 8 days before the surgery and show all the medications that you are taking for a long. After examining all the medications, the doctor will let you know whether cut down the medications or continue them. Remember, in maximum cases, the doctor asks to cut medications before 7 days. Also in most cases, no medications are given except the one required for surgery on the day of knee replacement operation.

Cut or decrease tobacco use

All toxic materials should be strictly prohibited before, during, and after knee replacement surgery. The materials which are used in tobacco are harmful and can cause a negative impact on the health of the patients. This also slows down the recovery process after the surgery. Thus, none of the patients is should consume any intoxicating substances.

Check with specialists

Before moving towards the day of operation, one must go for a checkup by a specialist of the hospital or the surgery center. A specialist will let you know the know each and every details which are necessary for the knee replacement operation. A specialist will let you know whether to cut down on the medications or not. They will also let you know about the types of knee replacement operation that you should opt for. Seeking help from experts will ensure that your knee replacement cost manageable.

Cut or decrease alcohol use

Just like said for tobacco, alcohol should also prohibit during the time period when you are going through the phase of operation. The alcohol basically contains those harmful substances that hinder the recovery rate of the replaced knees. You can also thus get knowledge about the different types of the knee replacement

Report illness

Before the knee replacement operation, you must tell the doctors about any kind of disease or illness that you hold. Never hide any illness of yours to your doctor. If you have sugar or diabetes then let the doctor know about the current level of the respective illness.

Commonly Required and Suggested Home Preparations

Apart from the precautions that you take before the day of knee replacement, you also need to prepare some suggestive measures at home. This will protect you from any kinds of possible risk post-surgery. So, let us have a look into those preparations,

Packing for the Hospital

The first preparation is to pack for the hospitals according to all the items that you will require there. There are several items such as loose-fitting clothes, dental hygiene tools, mobile phones, towels, etc that you might require when you are in the hospital. So, in order to make things easier for you, you must have to make a list of all the important items and pack it in a backpack. Also, do not carry all of your daily households because that becomes hectic to manage everything properly. So, just take the required but limited items to the hospital.

Home Set-Up

The things you need to take care of after discharge from the hospital. Also, you can not let the house be unmanaged and untidy because this can lead to any kinds of accidents that can cause damage to your knees. Make sure that either you have set your home for yourself before admitting. You can also ask any of your family members to do so. They can clean the house and keep it tidy in your place. Make sure to wipe away all the liquid stains and tie the telephone wire. No such items that can make you fall should be present in the house.


Exercise is just after the knee replacement operation to ensure the fast recovery of the knee. Always remember that the joints become flexible only when they are properly and regularly moved and brought into use. Any joints of our body, which are not brought in the use are at a high risk of damage. So, ask the specialist about the sets of exercises that can be beneficial for you. Also, ask the doctor to indicate to you the correct ways to do those exercises because doing it in the wrong way can cause major injury in the knees.


The riskiest place for a knee replacement place is the bathroom. In the bathroom, there is a high chance that you can slip and cause damage to your knees. This is why it is most feasible for patients to approach a bathtub or bathing chair for bathing in the bathroom after their knee replacement operation.

Physical Therapy

The knee replacement patient should at least continue the physical therapy for the first two to three months. After this, they can continue the normal exercises in the home itself. Physical therapy will help the patient to recover fast and also to bend and open the new knees properly.

Therefore, a Knee replacement operation is a risky operation and is successful only when someone takes proper care of their knees. So, make sure to take care of the things before and after the operation. Follow up on all the mandatory precautions given above for the best results.


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