Maintenance and cleaning of wooden furniture

Wooden furniture offers warmth and aesthetics to your interior. However, a simple task can ruin everything. Here are some tips for cleaning wooden furniture with peace of mind.

How to clean the different stains on your wooden furniture?

Depending on the type of stains on your wooden furniture, It is better to hire a handyman services but still there are several techniques to know. In this article, we teach you the right things to do to clean dirty wooden furniture, whether it’s a halo left by water, a black stain or a grease stain on the wood.

1. Remove dust from old furniture

If you have a piece of wooden furniture that’s quite old and valuable to you, it’s best to dust it with a  simple microfiber cloth . 

To clean dirty old furniture, you can slightly dampen your cloth and lightly rub the encrusted stain.

2. Get rid of a water stain on wooden furniture

A water stain on wood quickly becomes a real nightmare. Don’t panic, there are solutions! On raw wood or treated wood, you can put a little turpentine on your cloth and then rub gently. 

If it’s a water stain on varnished wood, use mineral oil . If the task is too encrusted, then switch to white spirit.

3. Clean a black stain on wood

If your stain is dark in color, whether it is water or not, it is because it has unfortunately penetrated the layer of wood. It will then be necessary to bring out the heavy artillery to get rid of them. 

To remove a black stain from raw wood, use sandpaper . Start with a 100 grit then go back to a finer grit (150). If it is a varnished piece of furniture, put a small layer of varnish back where you sanded.

4. Degrease wooden furniture

To degrease oak furniture, raw furniture or oiled furniture, you can use black soap or dish soap . With your cloth, rub the stain with a mixture of warm soapy water. This trick is ideal for kitchen furniture!

5. Remove various stains from wood

You can clean waxed furniture with white vinegar if your stain is too encrusted and sanding is therefore to be avoided. Better to use this technique on light colored furniture. To be sure of the result, first try on a side of the furniture that cannot be seen!

Wondering  how to remove dry silicone from wood?  A little soap and water can help. Otherwise, use a mixture of white vinegar and water. To remove candle wax from wood, try the paper towel technique by heating it with a hair dryer.

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