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Mobile App Development

The City of Gold, Dubai, is full of wonders. From diverse restaurants to grandiose resorts, grand shopping malls to relaxing beaches, and you name it. The tourism industry contributes significantly to the city’s growth. But, lately, Dubai has emerged as a hub of software development and IT innovation in the Middle East.

Software companies and Mobile app developer Dubai are serving worldwide businesses. And by no means these companies are small; in fact, they employ top talent from all across the globe.

If you’re living in Dubai and considering a career in mobile app development, expect tough competition accompanied by handsome rewards. In this post, you will learn how much you can earn from app development, job opportunities, growth, and industries you can work in to diversify your portfolio.

Salaries of Mobile App Developers in Dubai

There’s no fixed salary range in any field. How much you can earn depends on your experience, skillset, and the nature of your job.

Mobile app development is an umbrella term for apps developed using various languages and frameworks, and apps designed for a particular device.

Native mobile apps work either on an android device or an iOS device. Cross-platform applications work on both. 

Both android developers and iOS developers can make up to AED 20,000 per month and AED 139 an hour in the United Arab Emirates.

In the freelance market, developers are paid on an hourly basis. And if you’re working with British, American, or European firms, you aim for more.

The basic salary starts from AED 5000, which is much higher compared to other jobs. And as you gain experience and diversify your portfolio, your worth keeps increasing.

Job Opportunities for Mobile App Developers in Dubai

Rarely will you come across a jobless software engineer in Dubai. IT professionals enjoy a myriad of opportunities in Dubai. Not just the local companies but entrepreneurs who have set up software companies in Dubai are constantly looking for talented developers to join their workforce.

And the job opportunities are not limited to development companies only. Hotels, resorts, malls, restaurants, renowned travel agencies, airlines, etc. need coding experts to take care of their websites and mobile applications.

Automation and cloud are the future. These businesses manage a bulk amount of data on a daily basis and cater to thousands of customers at a time. They can’t do it manually. So they require mobile apps and custom software to manage everything.

And to manage and update that software, they employ in-house teams instead of outsourcing to a tech company. Therefore, even hospitals hire in-house mobile application experts.

For someone who’s eager to work in various industries, and not just stick to software companies, mobile app development is the way forward. 

You might be an app expert but you can still work in a bank, accounting firm, government offices, and even switch careers at some point.

Remote Jobs

Sky’s the limit! Why only think of local jobs? Mobile app developers in Dubai also use freelance marketplaces like Upwork and Fiverr to work with international companies.

If you’re someone who hates getting up early and working fixed hours, mastering mobile app development can earn you financial and location independence. 

Work on your own terms, charge hourly rates, move anywhere anytime and work from anywhere, and earn much more than your previous 9-5 job.

Besides that, several companies in Dubai are ready to hire you on a remote basis; you don’t have to work from the office. 

In fact, as the software industry is growing, employers aim to cut down on seating expenses. With so many tools and software available today, remote management is easier than before.

Team members can collaborate with each other, discuss the various aspects of a project, and keep things streamlined.

How to Learn Mobile App Development in Dubai?

Feeling excited, aren’t you? It’s normal. But here’s the thing, you must work hard and dedicate a few hours daily to learning and practicing mobile app development.

First, decide where your interest lies: android app development or iOS? Start from the basics. Some of the common languages used for app development are:

  • JavaScript
  • Kotlin
  • C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • Swift
  • Objective-C
  • JAVA
  • HTML 5
  • Ruby
  • Rust
  • Lua
  • Action Script
  • SQL

Get yourself enrolled in a course. It’s up to you whether you prefer an online course or a real-time, taught in a physical environment where you can interact with other people and your instructor.

There are dozens of online learning platforms you can opt for, such as Udemy, Coursera, Datacamp, and Tree House. Also, there are hundreds of tutorials for each language and framework you aim to learn in the next six months.

But remember, consistency is the key. Don’t let the shiny object syndrome derail you from your track. You are better off as a specialist in one area because there’s no such thing as a jack-of-all-trades in app development.

Pick one technology, learn it, grab some projects to practice it, and prepare yourself for your future job. 

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