Muzzle Brake: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Muzzle Brake

Almost all guns have after-market customization options. While some are installed to enhance the firearm visually, others improve the weapon’s performance. From customized barrels to triggers, extended magazines to grips, you will find numerous options in the market. Similarly, if you are building a gun from an 80 lowers receiver, it’s important to use a jig to drill and install the components correctly. Therefore, buy 80 lower jigs to complete your next firearm. One attachment that significantly improves a gun’s performance is the muzzle brake. Following is all you need to know about this handy attachment and how it affects performance.

What is a Muzzle Brake?

Ever fired a high-powered gun or an assault rifle? If yes, then you must have some difficulty controlling the recoil. Handling recoil is not an issue for the veteran user as, with time, their muscle memory takes care of the issue. However, for casual and new users, the recoil can present a significant issue to the point it can injure their shoulders. In some cases, the recoil might surprise them, resulting in inaccurate shots, which can cause serious accidents. This is where the muzzle brake comes into play. The accessory is ideal for assault rifles and high-caliber guns. It reduces the overall recoil of the gun while promoting accuracy and stability. In some cases, the attachment reduces almost 50% of the total recoil, which, as you can understand, is ideal for beginners and amateurs. 


This is one of the few expensive accessories, but its work is worth each penny. Usually, a high-end muzzle brake will start at $250, and the price will keep rising according to the gun type and quality of the attachment. 


A muzzle brake is compatible with all gun types with a threaded barrel. However, rifles and high-caliber weapons show the best results with this accessory. Since the recoil is massive in such gun types, a muzzle brake can help reduce it while increasing the overall performance. 

Noise and Flash

Installing a muzzle brake will result in higher shot noise than normal, and the resulting flash will also be bigger. You must wear ear muffs and other protective gear while firing this weapon.

When to Use One?

As discussed earlier, the muzzle brake is used on rifles and other weapons. However, it can be used with a pistol without worrying about the performance. If you have a chronic shoulder injury or have trouble with your posture, you are an ideal candidate to install the attachment in your gun. The accessory will not serve your purpose if you are a hunter. The loud noise and bigger flash will scare the nearby game and make the attachment useless despite its benefits. Remember to buy from an authorized dealer for after-sales support and component guarantee. As low-quality ones will break after a couple of uses. 

A muzzle brake is one of the best accessories for your gun. They are also used in competitive shooting, where accuracy is necessary to win the competition. Buy a muzzle brake using the above information to never make a mistake.