NBA 2K22 Tips & Tricks For Starting A Winning Season

Better graphics, more sophisticated game mechanics, new modes – every year there are small and major changes to 2K’s basketball simulation. For this year’s version NBA 2K22 we have put together a few tips and tricks for you that allow beginners and advanced to be more successful.

Ratings are changing

Be definitely keep an eye on the ratings of your players. NBA 2K22 uses the “Live Rosters” feature to update its players’ stats weekly based on real-world results. If an NBA pro shows weak form in real life, this also affects his digital alter ego. Respond to such status adjustments to your Starting Five and consistently swap players to increase your chances of successful moves and throws.

Better Jump Shots

The developers have made changes to one of the central offensive techniques in the game. Even experienced players have recently complained about difficulties with the jump shot. What you can do to get around this problem: Reduce the speed of the jump shot to about three-quarters of the original value. This should help you to increase the precision of the throws.

Select this player for MyTeam

If you want to play the career mode MyTeam, then there is a certain player that you should choose first for your Starting Five: The Point Guard Trae Young will be an enormous help to you from the beginning – and even more so after some upgrades, you only need to spend 5K NBA 2K22 MT to bid him from auction house. Especially the precise throws and the high speed are of great importance for your inexperienced team at the beginning of your career.

Play slower

An important change this year concerns the endurance value. While last year you netted reliably even with low stamina, this time the error rate increases sharply. If you rush around, the hit rate or the “shot meter” decreases with decreasing stamina. To avoid this, you should simply sprint less often and take it a little slower.

Use pick and roll

Pick and Roll is one of the basics of basketball, but you won’t believe how few people in NBA 2K22 actually use this tried and tested tactical tool. Okay, last year the AI ​​played this option very poorly, this has now been improved by the developers. However, you can still use the mechanics to your advantage. Often enough, the move creates a mismatch that allows your center to easily plow through the defense and pop a fat dunk around the ears of the other side.

Perfect defense

Okay, there will always be someone who plays better or is more lucky. However, if you want to improve your defensive skills, there is one important tip that you should follow. To prevent opposing players from simply dribbling past you, press L2 to assume the correct, deep defensive stance. Go to work aggressively, body contact is important! At the same time, hold the right stick upwards and constantly give countermeasures – this is how nimble dribblers pull the tooth.

Successful in MyCareer

If you start in the career mod MyCareer you first have the choice between college and G-League, in fact you do not have to commit yourself definitively. Choose your way to college first, because after that you can still use the G-League to boost your character. However, this does not work the other way around, as the amateur status is already gone. If you follow the path suggested above, you are guaranteed to be the top draft of the season and be able to bag better contracts. In addition, you collect significantly more VC in this way than if you start directly in the NBA or the G-League. If you want to improve the shooting of your build, check out How To Shoot With Low 3 Point Rating Builds in NBA 2K22.


Okay, this isn’t (just) about colorblind people. Because in truth, we want to give you a tip that can improve your throws. The problem is the “Shot Meter”, i.e. the display with which you time your shots. By default, green/red are set, which may not be the ideal color combination for everyone. In the settings (Shot Meter colors) you can change these colors so that the Shot Meter stands out better from the colorful environment. 

The Gym

Folks, be sure to get the Gym Rat badge in the game. Yes, you have to grind a lot for it and it takes 10 weeks. But the equivalent value is correspondingly high and essential: Your player receives permanent improvements in speed, acceleration, endurance, strength and also upgrades the endurance display. Plus: Once you’ve completed the process, you’ll never have to enter the gym again. Deal?

Equipped with these tips, nothing should stand in the way of your successful NBA career on the screen!


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