Paint Color Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Asian paints color book

Whenever we think of repainting or renovating our houses, we often tend to overlook our bathrooms despite the fact that they need restoration the most. Due to constant moisture, bathroom walls tend to wear down sooner than other walls in our homes. Repainting your bathroom is a sure shot way of making it look brand new while maintaining the integrity of the structure. With asian paint, your job will become easy and you’ll get the best quality paint that you could hope for. Let’s take a look at the best bathroom wall colors that are trending in 2022. 

Add Dimension With Contrasting Colors 

Contrasting colors can work together in wonderful ways but whenever you’re choosing a color palette for your bathroom, make sure it matches your home color  in some or the other way to avoid a complete clash. Asian paints color book will help you decide the perfect colour. In your bathroom, opt for a pastel color for the majority of the space and one bold color for a smaller space. Colors like red can add a fresh burst of vitality and flamboyance to any area when handled effectively. Pale aqua is a great base for bright red stripes and checks that offer a light-hearted, theatrical feel. Because it’s a light hue, it’s ideal for tiny or light-deprived rooms.

The Asian paints 20 liter price ranges from Rs 2000 to Rs 2500. Therefore, you can buy one and use the paint for the other rooms as well.

Brighten Your Bathtub 

This is one of the simplest bathroom paint ideas, but it has the potential to make the largest difference. It is all about thinking beyond the box when it comes to adding a wow factor to a bathroom design. A painted bathtub may provide an attractive, contrasting tone to a bathroom decor, regardless of whether you pick bright colors or patterns or a more neutral tint. A dark gray painted bathtub in your bathroom will make a stunning contrast with a rustic or a simple bathroom design created by flowers and light colored walls.

Pair Pale Pink With Muted Yellow

A delicate pink with a touch of yellow will offer warmth without making your bathroom look dull and dark. Keep the fittings and decor streamlined and add simple drapes to give your bathroom a touch of class. Pink is a soft, adaptable and subtle color and it adds dimension to simple interiors and modernist furniture. It has become increasingly popular and it goes well with grays and soft whites. For a modern bathroom with Art Deco elegant elements, you can combine pink with green and mirrored finishes as well. 

Go Green With Subtle Browns and Beiges

Green bathrooms, especially in light tones, generate a natural sense of tranquility and harmony, while stronger and deeper tones add uniqueness and depth to the space. Green color is reminiscent of the outdoors and nature and when paired with brown and beige, will lend a classic look to your space. Rich green colors can be used in paint or tiles to create a dramatic effect while keeping the decor and furnishings simple. Pale greens are a preferable choice for bathrooms that have very little natural light. When choosing a pale green color, ensure that the undertone is in sync with your entire bathroom. 

Choose Earthy Tones For Warmth

Natural hues are a great way of increasing warmth in your bathroom design concept. Warmer tones, such as terracotta, rust, caramel, and biscuit, are becoming more popular to go along with the current trend for comfort. Keep an eye out for paints in warm, earthy tones that are the perfect antidote to cold, clinical tones. To give them more definition, pair them with brass faucets and other brass fixtures. Untreated wood can be incorporated for a rustic look, especially when it is used to create a natural, warm atmosphere.

Always choose a suitable finish, such as eggshell or other water-resistant paints. Choose a specialized bathroom paint variety that is particularly developed with built-in anti-mold technology, guaranteeing bathroom walls appear fresher and cleaner for longer.