PCOS Pregnancy symptoms, success Rate, and PCOS IVF Treatment.


PCOS is also called a polycystic ovarian syndrome. It is a common hormonal condition found in women. Females having PCOS may face difficulties while trying to get pregnant & this is riskier than a normal pregnancy. But in some cases, many women with PCOS may also become pregnant, if properly taken care of PCOS symptoms, may have a healthy child.

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PCOS Pregnancy and its Symptoms:-

It’s a condition where women’s ovaries start producing higher levels of male hormones (androgens) than usual. And this may also affect women’s menstrual cycle, fertility, and appearance.

Symptoms of PCOS: –

  • Infertility
  • Weight gain
  • Acne
  • Insulin resistance
  • thinning or balding of head hair
  • growing of extra face and body hair
  • Irregular menstrual periods
  • It takes a little time for women who have PCOS to get diagnosed, and some women found that when they are not able to get pregnant, they face PCOS.

If you have typical symptoms from the list, and you think you have PCOS, have a consultation meeting with your doctor, and with early diagnosis, treated with the doctor’s help.

At the consultation meeting, your doctor may ask :

  • The doctor will talk about your anatomy and examine you
  • Blood tests to check for required male hormones

Doctor May recommends you for an ultrasound scan to lookup for cysts in the ovaries.

PCOS Pregnancy Success Rate?

Pregnancy success rate along with induction of ovulation varies and depends upon factors like:-

  • Women’s Age.
  • Type of PCOS medicines used before.
  • What is the result of previous medication? Is it was adequate for stimulating ovulation or not.
  • What are other infertility factors present in the couple?
  • Generally, the successful result of treatment in PCOS pregnancy is most likely to come about in the first 3 to 4 months of treatment. Afterward, the monthly success rate drops off significantly.

The approximate monthly pregnancy success rate in females (Below the age of 35, normal sperm) is listed below. 

  • Treatments for PCOS Expected Success Rate
  • Metformin Around 1-2%
  • Clomiphene 15% – while ovulating
  •  letrozole/Femara 15% – while ovulating
  • injectable medication (gonadotropins) About 20%
  • (IVF), In vitro fertilization 60%

A brief overview of each PCOS treatment is below: –


Metformin is an oral medication. Meanwhile, it helps stimulate the ovulation process in women having PCOS, and this treatment can go along with or without Clomid. 

Metformin is commonly used to control diabetes.


The easiest method is the use of Clomid tablets. It is also called Serophene & clomiphene citrate.

A high number of couples are capable of getting pregnant using Clomiphene

Clomiphene is the first line of treatment

Femara (Letrozole)

Femara is an oral drug that can effectively stimulate the ovulation process in some women who have polycystic ovaries & anovulation issues.

Some of the women don’t respond and ovulate during Clomid but react well to letrozole. Moreover, some women who do ovulate with Clomid but can never get pregnant with it,

Most women who don’t respond & ovulate with Clomiphene will react quickly and effectively to letrozole. Other women who ovulate with Clomiphene but cannot conceive will surely get better results with Femara.  

Injectable medication Gonadotropins (FSH Hormones)

This medication is for women who do not get ovulated with Clomiphene. The next step for them is the use of injectable gonadotropins. For instance, women have to take daily doses of FSH hormone, and it takes 7 to 15 days to stimulate follicle development.

IVF – In Vitro Fertilization

The majority of women under the age of 40 years who have PCOS Pregnancy issues & not gotten pregnant yet with other treatments will have a successful IVF method performed at the best authentic center.

PCOS IVF Procedure

In vitro fertilization or intracytoplasmic sperm injection is a complex reproduction treatment used as a third-line treatment and recommended when all the previous methods fail.

Also can be the first option in case of bilateral tubal occlusion and semen alterations that reduce the development of natural pregnancy.

Other evidence for a regular dose of metformin to treat infertility treatment in anovulatory women with polycystic ovary syndrome is not present.

Aromatase inhibitors are the most promising but will require more extensive studies to prove the best result & safety.


The sterility caused by PCOS can be harmful if ignored, at the right time, the PCOS gland can be cut through surgery to make the woman capable of conception again. So if you know the right causes and are well aware of symptoms then there is no need to worry about it. just consult with a gynecologist to get treatment.


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