PDF Editor Tools: How To Edit Your PDF Files For Free


The ability to merge PDF documents is one of the central features of the document format that sets it apart from others. Users can combine as many PDF files into one to create a new document, while also being able to do the opposite and split a large PDF file into several smaller documents. The process is easy-to-do and takes only a few clicks thanks to the many online PDF converters available online. But apart from merging, splitting, and combining documents, there are many other ways for users to edit their PDF files online. 

Merge, Split and Combine PDF Documents 

The act of merging, splitting, and combining PDF documents are similar to each other but they achieve different ends. Merging PDF files is when users open many PDF files at the same time and combine them into one large file using a specific PDF editing feature, which is found on almost all online PDF editors, including Lumin PDF. 

Users may need to merge PDF files to create a more comprehensive and all-encompassing document. They could also need to collect several different files into one to better organize all their disparate documents. Splitting a PDF is breaking a large PDF file into smaller documents to make a more concise and relevant file. 

Users can upload their PDF document to a PDF splitter, select the pages and other passages they want to keep, and discard the rest. Once they initiate the split, the selected pages will remain while all the others will be deleted. Combining a PDF is similar to merging PDFs and does not require any other tools or functions to be performed. 

Convert PDF Documents 

Users can take other file types like Docs, PPT, XLS, and even JPGs and convert them into PDF files to make them easier to share and view. The process of converting other file types into PDFs is easy and requires little more than dragging and dropping a file into the dedicated conversion browser of an online PDF editor. 

Users can both drag and drop a file or upload it through the program’s conversion feature. Many online PDF editors operate in the same way and there is not much difference in the processes that each tool employs to convert files. Some programs may require more steps and have their specific interface that users need to navigate, but the result is the same. 

Securing PDF Documents 

PDFs can often contain private, sensitive information that is not for widespread public consumption. Users who wish to secure their PDF documents can do so in many ways. They can encrypt their PDF files with a password and share them only with the people they want to access the file. 

Another way to secure a PDF is with a watermark that prevents the file from being illegally copied or forged. Attaching a watermark to the pages of a document also prevents unauthorized users from reproducing counterfeit copies of that document. Another way to secure a PDF document is through a digital signature. 

PDF digital documents are often used instead of hard copy documents like contracts, memos, and other official documents when users are in different physical locations. When a user is not able to sign a paper copy of an official document, the document can be scanned, converted into a PDF, and sent to the user who can then attach a digital signature that authenticates or authorizes the intent of that document. 

Annotating PDF Files 

Annotating a PDF file is useful for people who are writing or creating a new document that requires input from other users. To foster collaboration, users can send an initial draft to other users who can then add comments, annotations, and other notes to the PDF for the original author to see. 

The original author can then review these annotations and make changes as needed or respond to them directly, which continues the discussion and improves the overall quality of the finished PDF. Annotation is possible with other digital documents, but they are especially useful for PDFs as a majority of important academic, legal, and business documents are made as PDF files. 

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