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Hello everyone, I am writing a short article on pruning peaches, cherries, plums and nectarines. There are many people who have fruit trees in their backyards and I want to explain to you how to properly prune the trees. If you’re only planting a peach tree, you’ll want to prune that tree from the start.

If you’re only planting a peach tree, you’ll want to prune that tree from the start. Well, if you’ve cut the tree to a height of 3 feet and left 4 main branches and cut the branches for 50% of the length, then you are off to a good start. For cherry trees, do the same the first time you plant them, counting the tree 3 feet high. The cherry trees, when planted, will push out new branches in the coming year, then cut into 4 branches in the fallow year. Plums are the same way, and nectarines are similar to the peach cut. When the tree pruning sydney is in its second and fourth years, you will want to start opening the center if the style you want it to be, like the center leader tree; That’s just a main branch going straight up, and you’re pruning this tree to make it look like a Christmas tree. With an open center, the tree looks like an upside-down umbrella, which is by far the best way to prune peach trees and you get the best sun exposure and more airflow.

Well, to start with one, you’ve pruned the inside of the tree, then move on to the branches, look for the best wood that is a quarter of an inch, and better I call the pencil wood because it’s the same size as a pencil Has. Once you have the good wood ready for pruning, cut the branch back to 6 to 10 inches long and then you should have very good high yielding fruit wood for the coming New Year. You always want all the branches to be facing outwards and nothing going inwards. In addition, you sometimes get small twigs between the remaining branches that you can take out by hand. So look for the best pencil wood for each branch and leave four to five sticks, depending on the branch size, and keep everything well spaced. Nectarines are pruned in a similar way to peaches.

Pruning cherry trees is a little different depending on what type of tree pruning you want. The most common style is the open center. The trick to growing a good cherry tree is to let the tree grow in the center for about 4 years so that you get excellent branches. As you get more branches, cut the outer branches back to the first branch that grows out, this way the training of the branch always starts to go out and does the same for the rest of the branches, always looking for a flat look . You want 4 main branches on the trunk of the tree to keep this in mind. After four years, unless you want to grow the tree in the center, you should cut out the central main ladder for an open center style. The width of the tree depends on the distance between the rows of the trees.

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