Plan to visit the City of Liberia

City of Liberia

Is the city of Liberia new to you? If you are looking forward to traveling to this city then read this write-up. The city of Liberia has been famous for many various enchanting spots for tourists and share fascinating destinations in the city where the freed slaves are founded. You will find this city has the smoothest of journeys which have been built on the darker histories of the 18th and 19th centuries. Famous for a signified newfound liberation for the reverted victims of the Slave Trade, this city is worth traveling to.

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Read the below-mentioned sites that are quite popular in the city:


Monrovia is a sophisticated and pleasant place to hop into, offering shelters to more than one million Liberians. This site is a source of energy and is the largest spot in the city. Watch out for the rumbling bush taxis around the center that are kept floating over the pot-holed roads making an amazing picture to capture. 

Sapo National Park

Sapo National Park is known for housing one of the highest mammal biodiversity counts and is the most famous of Liberia’s duo of national parks. This famous park attracts a huge influx of visitors and has no comparison like this park anywhere in the world. While stretched in 1,804 square kilometers, this stunning park is located in the territory of the Upper Guinean Rainforest. 

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Robertsport is tucked in the forefront of the country’s new tourism drive and is the king of all Liberia’s surfing spots. Visit this beach area for long-haired wave riders with board wax. Many flocks join to enjoy surfing troupes and to enjoy water sports activities. 

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Buchanan is tucked south out of the capital at Monrovia and a famous beach takes a three-hour drive by rumbling bush taxi. Visit this spot along the seaside city of Buchanan to capture a good overview of the part of West Africa to the coastal character. 

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Gbarnga is a budding forest of inland Liberia and is another famous attraction in sprawling ramshackle towns. This forest has sweeping mud plains which is the regional capital of Bong County. Visit here to learn about the past hidden history and its still preserved rich heritage. So, hop into this amazing and thrilling site which also shelters more than 100-year-old Cuttington University. This site is one of the most prestigious in the country.

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