Best Plantronics Corded Headsets for Home Use During COVID-19

Plantronics Corded Headsets

Every person and country in the world is facing the impacts of COVID-19 this time. Companies are utilizing the approach of work from home to keep up with their productivity during lockdowns. However, listening to favorite music and important calls is a bit hard while you are in the house. In this regard, Plantronics corded headsets provide varieties of models that are perfect in any kind of environment. Enhanced technologies and amazing features are the reasons why these devices are a reliable option for making perfect communications. There are many models that have come in this category in the past few years.

Some of those reliable and efficient models are given below:

1) Blackwire 3220 USB:

Due to pandemics, taking classes and doing work from home have become very common. For these kinds of purposes, the Blackwire 3220 model is a device that can provide high-quality hearing capabilities. It is an affordable device with extremely efficient features.

Blackwire 3220 USB

It comes with a power cable that can flow analog signals from connected devices to your ears efficiently. Its sturdy structure, even with lightweight, allows users to easily utilize it for a very long time. It is simple to plug into devices with which it is compatible. It can provide unified communication due to the feature like active noise cancelation that it contains.

2) Plantronics CS540:

Plantronics CS540 is the model that can beat Jabra corded headsets in terms of qualities and features. It is the ultimate headgear for the persons who are working from home during COVID-19. Just like other Plantronics headgears, it also provides two types of wearing styles. It has an extremely low weight which is just 25g even with the ear loops.

Plantronics CS540

They provide encrypted communication results due to the usage of DECT technology in its manufacturing. It can lower the levels of background noises due to its tamper-proof ear covers and active noise cancelation feature. It comes at an affordable price which makes it easier to buy from even a common person with limited communication requirements.

3) Voyager Focus UC B825-M:

Focus UC B825 is a reliable headpiece model from Plantronics which shows compatibility with all kinds of soft devices. It provides both wired and wireless connectivity options to users of different requirements. They allow users to make their focus completely on their calls and meetings due to their tendency to lower the background noise levels.

Voyager Focus UC B825-M

It is efficient for home usage and has a wide range of connectivity options. So you can take important calls from your office while doing other works of your home by utilizing it. It comes in various shapes and durable structure designs that can provide efficient quality sound and comfort in wearing.

4) Plantronics C565:

You can set it within 3 minutes and get high-quality sound results. It provides two different wearing styles, which are user preference and adaptable depending. Headsets hold compatibility for all kinds of DECT-based devices and have a wide cable that allows users to go anywhere around the table easily.

It even provides control on calls, listening to music, and changing tracks to the users from its functional keys. It holds an ANC feature that can reduce the distortion level of ambient background sounds.

5) Blackwire 5220 USB:

Blackwire 5220 is perfect for traveling, working from home, and office usage. It is lightweight and compatible with every device that contains a 3.5mm jack. It provides high-level communication due to the utilization of DECT technology in its manufacturing.

Blackwire 5220 USB

They provide high-quality sound for all kinds of communicating and listening to media content purposes. It is compatible with different kinds of soft devices like cellphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, and LEDs. Its ear covers can reduce the level of noise due to their extremely big size and ability to provide crystal clear voices.

6) EncorePro HW720:

During the lockdown, the utilization of Encore Pro has been increased due to its capability of giving good results for intensive usage. This aluminum-based headgear contains memory foam and leather covers that provide comfort and enhance the listening experience.

The only flaw that people find in it is with the QD cable that comes with it. You cannot connect this cable directly to your devices. However, separate cables are available at low prices if you want to make these headphones compatible with your every device. It works on the simple approach of plug and plays, and it is efficient in dealing with analog signals.

7) Voyager 4220 Office:

The reason why voyager4220 is quite famous and reliable for home use is its 3-way connectivity option. RJ, Bluetooth, and USB, you can connect it with your devices with all of these options. It comes with a busy light option that will tell your family member when you are busing or taking an important call.

Voyager 4220 Office

This is harmonious with almost every device like laptop, cellphone, tablet, PC, and even with LEDs. It has the credibility to transmit both analog and digital signals. Its cable range is quite long so that you can easily walk around your table. On the other hand, its wireless range allows you to walk to a 30-meter distance without having a lag in communication or in listening.

Final Words For Plantronics Corded Headsets::

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