How to Make Amazing Pop Smoke Braids

Pop Smoke braids

Pop Smoke braids hairstyles are currently one of the most trending hairstyles.

These will work out in a good way for every one to improve your appearance.

They’re classy, but on the other hand they’re an incredible protective style for offering your normal hair a break and promoting hair development.

If you’re searching for a little more variation in your protective attire, this is the look for you. The layers add just the right amount of volume, and as with any feed-in style, you may experiment with length and colour. See how Nastacia Crook-Brady, a hairstylist from New Jersey, puts this charming style to life in the video above.

1. Detangle your natural hair gently.

Before detangling, spray your curls with water or pour a light leave-in conditioner into your hair. Hydrating your hair avoids damage by making it easier to comb throughout your curls.

2. Don’t braid your entire head in threads.

Keep the Pop Smoke Braids side stitch braids for the front of your head and have your stylist box braid the rest. This will not only offer you a multilayered aesthetic, but it will also be a fun way to change up conventional box braids.

3. Braid the hair in different colours.

This is a guaranteed method to develop your braids to stand out. Stasha develops a look that is hard to ignore by braiding brown and blonde hair with black extensions.

4. When going to bed, put on a satin bonnet

When going back to bed, put on a satin bonnet, Wrap your braids in a hat or sleep on a satin pillowcase to keep moisture and reduce friction, just like you’d your natural hair.

5. Don’t forget edge control

It’s not just for baby hairs! You can use it to tidy up your parts and neatly split off your hair if you use a non-flaky solution.

6 Make sure you have adequate braiding hair.

There is nothing more irritating than running out of extensions in the middle of an interview. Unless you’re ready to make a quick beauty supply store run with half-braided hair (I’ve tried it), try to stock up on Kanekalon before you start braiding.

7. Make your hair super hydrated 

Maintaining the health of your natural hair is essential all, the objective of protective styles is to protect. To reduce the risk of accidents or dryness, spritz some leave-in conditioner on your hair and scalp every morning.

8. Smooth out any loose hair.

We don’t want them to take away from your final appearance. After you’ve completed the braiding, take a pair of tiny scissors and trim up any remaining braiding hair.