Pros and Cons of Marble Stone

When it comes to selecting the countertop or floor material, marble remains on the top of the list of many homeowners. No wonder that marble countertops and backsplashes material has been captivating. Marble allows a great variety to explore from. Among marble options, there are so many options, but Calacatta gold marble takes the cake. You won’t find anything great and modern but marble. As it is a natural stone, it can create a lovely natural pattern which you can not get from any manufactured material. 

Marble is among the most graceful and sophisticated materials that can be chosen for your house other than flooring or countertops. Today marble is known for being synonymous with luxury and refinement in the past couple of years. There has been an over 400% increase in the sale of marble. 

To make it convenient for you, we have listed some of the significant pros and cons of marble stone that you can use for both residential and commercial use. So, let’s get straight into our subject.

Table of content

  1. Pros
  1. Aesthetic beauty
  2. Durability
  3. Longevity
  4. Cons
  1. Cost-effective
  2. Weak stain resistant
  3. Require high maintenance


Aesthetic beauty

The aesthetic appearance of buying tundra gray marble floor tile is the first thing that attracts people. Marble is perhaps among the most beautiful building materials, and there is a wide range of different varieties of marble that can be used as flooring in any house. For the color position, there is a lot of variety to be chosen from a gorgeous selection ranging from black to pink to enrich deep green to white. 

Compared with other materials, marble has a more transparent background with bolder veining of gray and gold color. This aesthetically pleasing marble provides an effortless dramatic atmosphere. The natural design of each slab and color tone can evaluate the luxurious effect of your space. 


When it comes to durability, marble is a very durable and hard stone. However, if a ceramic dinner plate is fallen in, the marble plate will be no more, but the marble will remain unscathed. For instance, the marble stone is still one of the highly strong stones used for residential and commercial use. 


Due to how durable the marble tends to be, it happens to have an exceptional life span. Marble is among the world’s oldest building materials, and even the Greeks and Romans favored it. Even today, the outstanding artistic works of marble are displayed worldwide for artistic pieces of marble around the display.



Different types of marble are available throughout the market. All marble stones are created in the same way but differentiate based on design, price, durability, and quality. Usually, the cost of a typical marble depends on per square foot of the measurement, while particular installation is required at extra cost for specific Marble. For instance, marble in dark colors like black and green and Calcatta gold marble. Make sure to have explicit knowledge of your space and your budget. Also, marble requires a heavy installation, and it can be challenging and done by professionals only.

As marble comes in various colors and designs, this property of marble creates so many of its types. Therefore the price range of marble stone is not identified. Every type of marble has its price based on its properties, uniqueness, and quality. 

Weak stain resistant

Marble has a low resistance due to being a porous stone. Compared to installing marble as a countertop, it becomes less valuable to stain when installed as flooring. Along with the beautiful appearance of marble stone, marble is softer, and therefore it gets stained easily. Without proper maintenance, it can be prone to staining and etching. It requires cleaning and sealing regularly. If you do not catch your spill at the moment, it will create a mess for you. 

For the marble floors, make sure to clean with great care because only a dusty mop can make your floor look nasty. Marble can absorb organic stains very easily. For instance, if anything oil-based spills to your countertop or floor surface, it will get stained easily. 

Require high maintenance 

Unlike ceramic and granite floor tiles, marble flooring maintenance requires more effort. Marble tiles have to be regularly polished if they need to be kept clean and Shiny. Unique cleaning products are required to clean the marble, and a professional needs to be hired to do this. This can cost a lot and can be an expensive way of maintenance.

Marble stones are usually porous. Therefore, they are susceptible to the growth of bacteria. To prevent the production of molds in its mineral pores, you need to follow the sealing process periodically.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps no surface could match the beautiful and unique look of natural Calacatta gold marble flooring. With their shades, variations, and exquisite patterns. All the Marbles are ideal materials to be installed in the house. Everyone has a different opinion regarding the flooring, but marble is undoubtedly a great choice.