Questions to Ask Before Hiring a House Cleaner Northampton

House cleaner Northampton

Finding a professional and trustworthy House cleaner Northampton service is a truly challenging task. With a wide range of options available, you feel a bit overwhelmed, as to who to trust. It is not difficult to just get lost in the pool of options that you get.

And let’s not get into the price ranges; they might make you lose your head a lot more. Thus, to ensure that you make the right pick, it is important to meet the cleaner company in person and some basic queries that can help you make a sensible pick.

Questions to ask before you hire a House cleaner Northampton service

Before you hire anyone to clean your house for you, here are some basic queries that you must ask them about.

1. Since when have you been in business?

A mop and a bucket is not enough to become a professional house cleaner. It takes a lot more than that. To start a House cleaner Northampton company, you must have proper knowledge about cleaning up spaces. Stats show that 50% cleaning businesses go down the hill, within 6-10 months. And only a few are able to make it to the final destination.

Thus, the longer the business has been in function, the better it is. It shows their dedication towards cleaning spaces. It is best to not choose a new company right away. Choose someone with experience because trustworthy services must be functioning for some time.

2. Do you have insurance?

Ask the House cleaner Northampton service provider about insurance. Be upfront about it, as it is very important and must not be overlooked. Nobody wants anything to go wrong. But, life happens and we can get into minor mishaps.

Thus, the company you choose to hire a cleaner from, must be insured and must be offering good coverage to their employees/cleaners. Also, keep in mind that a cleaning company that isn’t insured, will give you cheaper rates. But if any mishap happens within your house; will you be okay with covering that up? Certainly not. Therefore, an insured cleaner is the smartest choice to make.

3. Do you Pre-screen your cleaners before hiring them?

Given the significant rise in crime rates, over the passage of time, it is very important to ask the company about their cleaner’s record. The house cleaner in Northampton you plan to choose, must have a clean history record.

Thus, ask the company whether they pre-screen the cleaners before hiring them or not. If they do, then you can demand for their history report as well. You need to be very picky about who you will let inside your home. It is a matter of security for you, your family and all valuable possessions that are in your home. Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask this query at all.

4. What do you do if the customer isn’t happy with the services?

This is yet another crucial question to ask that is often overlooked. What happens if you’re cleaning is not done as efficiently as promised? How will the End of Tenancy Cleaning Northampton service compensate you for that? Will they come to explore the cleaning provided? Will they offer a replacement without costing more? Ask everything before hiring!

5. Do you provide the cleaning gear?

Lastly, you must ask about the cleaning gear. The best and professional House cleaner Northampton services provide the tools and gear on their own. This makes sense because a person who hires a cleaner, wants to feel free from the stress and burden of cleaning up on their own.

Thus, the cleaner service must be providing everything on their own. But just in case, do ask about this before you hire a cleaner. Also remember, if they are providing you with the gear too; then the costs will add up. It makes sense.


Trusting someone to step inside your house is a huge concern. Thus, asking the right questions can help you make the best pick.

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