Report Your Spam Calls Now

report spam calls

Every day, Americans are inundated with spam calls. These calls are invasive and can be frustrating for the individual on the other line. Now, many phone carriers are looking to tackle this problem head-on. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is taking steps to address this issue. Consumers have taken matters into their own hands by changing their caller ID or blocking certain numbers from their phone. See the most common scams phone calls here.

How can I identify the spam calls?

  • Fraudsters prey on individuals entering into tax season with this type of claim. They may be someone who claims to be from the IRS, threatening them with arrest, legal procedures, or deportation as a way to make the victim pay up. The person will be tricked into paying a rather consistent penalty.
  • People are now being called to provide them with technical support for their computers by a tech company (for example, Microsoft or another company). In general, the purpose of the call is to tell people that there’s a problem with their computers, like a virus or malware. The aim of the “expert” is driving people to trust their malicious warnings and open their desktop browsers.
  • Some criminals call to frighten their victims by reporting them to law enforcement, saying they should be held liable for something they haven’t accomplished. To make the call sound real, some perpetrators claim to be deputy marshals. Of course, you will be offered a way out, by giving premeditated sensitive information. Again, the scammer will be interested in what you can do for him.
  • This scam is a popular one since a lot of people fall for it. The scam involves being contacted by a government representative, who offers you a grant, for various reasons. The grant is depicted as a reliable and consistent, of course, free offer. You just have to pay a processing fee, which can cost anywhere between a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

How can I report these spam calls? gives you easy access to information on any phone number and its owner, including their location. If you are being harassed or threatened by a particular phone number, feel free to report spam calls with a single click through their website’s reporting form.

In conclusion, if you have been receiving annoying spam phone calls, now is the time to take action. Identify the nuisance phone numbers and file a complaint with the FCC or your local law enforcement agency. Be sure to use carefully as these tactics will only stop as soon as they are reported. Visit latestblogpost for more informative articles.