Setting up, running and cost of advertising in Instagram

Targeted official advertising in Instagram goes through the social network Facebook. There is no need to create an individual Instagram account. The main thing is to have an official Facebook page for further business.

Let’s understand how the process of setting up targeting advertising in Instagram through the app and Facebook, as well as what its cost is. At the same time, it is worth breaking down all the problems and subtleties that a person may encounter when creating and running ads not only in the feed, but also in the story.

Advertising in Instagram: types

In publishers or from bloggers.

Targeted through Facebook or the Instagram app: in the story and the feed.

Each type of advertising has its own advantages and disadvantages. Targeting is easier to control and faster to launch, and bloggers have their own “warm” audience.

Naturally, you can often hear the question of how much targeting advertising costs and how to properly configure and run it. Advertising in Instagram is expensive, so it’s easier on Lowcost Smm – resort to paid services. There are also inexpensive services on YouTube.

Targeted advertising is a special kind of advertising, which has the ability to choose the audience to which it will be shown. Here you can configure parameters such as age, gender, interests, location and more.

The advantages of targeted advertising

There is no need to waste time negotiating with bloggers, as its launch and configuration is quick and easy.

No “human factor” (the blogger often does not publish ads or can cheat at all).

Setting the audience that will see the ads is flexible (all information is taken from the profiles listed in the social network Facebook).

Keeping detailed statistics (the number of views and clicks on the active link).

Complete control over the cost of advertising and the timing of its display.

Targeted advertising in Instagram and its rules

When advertising in Instagram, you can often encounter such problems:

  • the page did not make the transition to the business profile;
  • the use of photos of the wrong size (it is advisable to use special services and programs for Instagram for this purpose);
  • the user is not an administrator in Facebook;
  • the length of the text exceeds 300 characters;
  • the presence of debts on past advertisements;
  • blocked page in Facebook.

Full list of rules for targeting ads

Creating ads and promoting Instagram posts through the use of Facebook can only be done if you have a business or author account.

On the Facebook page, which is linked to the Instagram account, the person must be an administrator.

When posting text, its length should not exceed 300 characters.

The maximum video volume is 4GB.

The size requirements for pictures are as follows:

  • rectangle (portrait orientation) – maximum: 1936×1936, minimum: 600×750;
  • Rectangle (landscape orientation) – maximum: 1936×1936, minimum: 600×315;
  • square – maximum: 1936×1936, minimum: 600×600.

Video/picture aspect ratio indicators:

  • portrait orientation – 4:5;
  • landscape orientation – 1,91:1;
  • square – 1:1.
  • Advertising is prohibited using such elements as tobacco, medicine, products for adults, etc.

The cost of targeting advertising in Instagram

During the configuration of targeting, the user sets the cost of advertising. The minimum budget can be 20 rubles, but as practice shows, it is not possible to spend more than the set budget.

After configuring the targeting of the audience used (age, gender, location and other things), the advertising coverage will be offered several options (cheaper and less, more and more expensive). It is also possible to offer your own budget. If you have a sufficiently rich audience, but you set a minimum budget, it will lead to the fact that the ad will see a small number of people. In order to achieve maximum reach, it is recommended to use the rates that Facebook offers when setting up your targeting. There will not be an instant charge because Facebook operates with a post-payment system. For example, the likes on the Instagram post can be bought at for an inexpensive price and the service will be with a guarantee. 

Naturally, everyone wants to know in advance at least the approximate price of advertising. It is possible to implement this process without even performing the process of entering the data of the card used for payment. Once you have fully configured the targeting, you will immediately see the approximate cost. The main thing in the setup process is to keep some parameters in mind. The more competitors, the wider and richer the user audience, the more expensive the ads should be.

Promoting a post through the Instagram app

The most simple way to create targeting ads can be implemented in the feed. The number of settings in this way will also be an order of magnitude less. For those who have decided to just try advertising, this option will work, but in the future will still have to use the advertising account in Facebook according to the instructions.

Your account should be set to “business” and linked to your Facebook page.

A button labeled “Promote” should appear under all published posts. The button will be inactive if the advertisement does not comply with the rules. To do this, you will need to edit everything and re-do the actions.

When you click on “Promote”, you will then configure the targeting, duration and cost of the ad.

If you want to remove ads, press the “view promotion” – “delete” button.

  • Using Targeted Ads through Facebook
  • In Ads Manager you need to make an advertising account.

Select a goal – traffic, reach, brand awareness, engagement, app installs, conversions, views, lead generation. It is the goal that determines what will be paid for (clicks, installs, displays, and more).

Setting audience targeting parameters

  • Playlist options: Instagram – Ribbon.
  • Selection of the schedule on which the display of advertising and budget will take place.
  • Selection of a page in the social network Facebook.
  • Uploading a video or picture with the right selection of parameters.
  • Selecting the text for the button and adding a link.
  • Writing promotional text.
  • Placing an order and waiting for the time it takes for the ad to go through moderation.

Targeted advertising in Instagram Stories

  • Running official ads in Instagram Stories is now possible only through the Ads Manager service.
  • Login to the Ads Manager.
  • Click on “Create Ads”.
  • Select the target – reach.
  • Navigate to the playlist options.
  • Go through the steps: Platforms – Instagram – Stories.
  • Follow all other steps in the same way as a regular Instagram ad.
  • Upload a video or photo with 9:16 sides.

Considering unofficial ways, you can buy ads in Stories only from bloggers. That said, you have to negotiate with each of them separately. Compared to a post in the feed, the cost can be much lower. Such advertising in Stories is suitable for those who have a limited budget or an inexpensive product. For such advertising often bloggers put the price of 500-1000 rubles. Do not forget that the bloggers should be asked to put a reference to the account in the advertising photo. This will help to increase conversions.

After creating and setting up your ads, it’s important to systematically monitor the statistics. This will allow you to keep track of which ads are more effective and significantly increase conversions.


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