Singapore Permanent Resident Renewal Facts You Should Know 

Permanent residency in Singapore is a privilege and not a right. Do you know how to keep your PR? If you are reading this, chances are you have been living in Singapore for more than 10 years. And because it’s been a decade or more since the last time you renewed your Permanent Resident (PR), it’s high time to head down to the Immigration And Checkpoints Authority of  (ICA). But with all the complications that can arise with renewing your PR card, like changing jobs or getting married, here is what you need to know before popping into ICA. 

Why do I need to renew? 

You will be required to renew your PR when the 10-year mark has been reached, or when you leave Singapore and want to come back. Whatever happens, it’s a good idea to take note of the following points before you go in for a renewal. 

How do I know when my PR will expire? 

Your l is valid for ten years from the day that you first obtained it (that’s unless you have worked or studied here for less than 6 months and your PR was granted before Jan 1, 2006). And every year after the 10th, you also have to renew your PR by visiting ICA to expatriate yourself. 

What happens if I miss the renewal date?

If you miss your PR renewal on time, then it can make things difficult for you. If you have left Singapore on a temporary basis, then you have no option but to leave the country again and try again for your renewal. And those who are already in Singapore will have to secure an exit permit from the police before leaving – a process that takes about three months. In this case, your Form 15 (Outward Processing Employment Pass) needs to be completed at ICA and certified by the National Registration Office (NRO). 

What if I have questions about my PR? 

You can visit ICA’s website to check on the status of your applications. You can also follow ICA on Facebook or Twitter for updates on various PR matters. You should also download the ICA mobile app for iOS and Android devices, which allows you to check status, access updates and renew/extend your PR from anywhere. If you still have no idea what your application says or if you are worried that there is a mistake in it – then visit and select “help me” to send an enquiry form via e-mail to one of our representatives. 

Singapore Permanent Resident Renewal Is Not A Friend To Small Businesses 

Along with the country’s economic growth, Singapore has seen an influx of foreigners who have settled in the country over the past decade. But while this is good news for any citizen of Singapore Permanent Resident Renewal, it poses a problem for small businesses who are not able to tap on their temporary workers. Foreigners cannot qualify for a resident status under Singaporean laws and must instead apply for a work permit after their employment contract expires. 

Furthermore, many big companies like Google and Facebook have brought in people from all around the world to facilitate their global expansion without worrying about government limitations which would otherwise stop them from hiring locals. It is a common belief that Singapore is pushing its citizens out of the workforce and creating an office culture that is filled with foreigners who have absolutely no knowledge of how Singapore works.

Prior to this, it was easier for companies to employ foreigners due to the shortage of skilled professionals in Singapore Permanent Resident Renewal. While this was good at first, it has become increasingly difficult for local entities to tap on their own professionals because large international companies have already swept them away from under their noses. And, many times, those skilled workers are replaced by low-cost foreigners who work for much cheaper wages. 

But the permanent resident renewal program has been instrumental in giving these small companies a fighting chance. There are many benefits to applying for permanent resident status. First of all, permanent resident status allows small businesses to grow and hire more staff, which is crucial especially in industries that require specialized expertise. 

Secondly, being a permanent resident means you will be able to live and work in Singapore as you please. This means that as long as the business meets certain requirements, the owner/businessman can live wherever he wants without having to move back to Singapore every time his contract expires. Furthermore, being a permanent resident also creates a new range of options for employment such as taking up jobs in investment banks and multinational corporations.

While Singapore has arguably boosted the country’s economy, it has come at a cost. Of those who are residing in Singapore Permanent Resident Renewal on work permits or work pass, many find themselves stuck due to a lack of renewal options. The result is that small business owners are being squeezed out of their livelihoods as skilled workers are forced to leave for other countries.

This article will explore the issue and offer some solutions for what can be done about this problem. It will also include links to official websites and articles from government bodies so you can fully understand how permanent residency renewals affect businesses today in Singapore Permanent Resident Renewal.


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