Solitaire Engagement Ring Ideas With The Latest Designs

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Are you looking for the perfect ring that shows love and togetherness with your partner?

Here are the best ideas with the latest designs of solitaire engagement rings.

But first, let’s know an interesting fact about solitaire diamonds. Solitaire diamonds are known for their timeless beauty and uniqueness. They are the very first choice of celebrities as well as couples when it comes to engagement rings.

Solitaire refers to the setting of the diamond. The term solitaire comes from the Latin word “solitarius”, which means single or the one. And in an engagement ring, it refers to a band that has a single diamond, which means a solitaire diamond ring is a band with a single diamond in the centre.

Is it interesting? Yes! It is. Now let’s quickly deep dive into the latest design ideas you can pick for your special day.

Why choose a solitaire diamond ring?

Because of the minimalist design, it looks elegant, and due to the simplicity of its looks, solitaire diamond rings can be worn with any kind of jewellery design. It will go flawlessly with all your outfits also. However, the solitaire diamond price is slightly on the higher side. But, it will never go out of style, and you can customize your solitaire ring with any kind of shape and size of diamond. It will anyway look fabulous.

Here are a few trendy designs that you will never get tired of wearing off.

The oval cut

Oval is one of the most happening and popular designs for solitaire engagement rings. The oval cut’s elongated shape gives a ring more affluent and classy look. It creates the illusion of a heavy carat look to the ring.

An average oval cut diamond looks 10% larger than usual diamond cuts. So if you want to add a rich and royal look to your engagement ring, you can consider an oval diamond for your partner or yourself.

Royal emerald cut

The emerald cut goes perfectly with the solitaire setting engagement rings. It will be a perfect choice if you want a larger diamond without paying a significant price. Emerald cut never goes wrong with the solitaire rings. It showcases the unique style of solitaire setting rings. Moreover, these rings create an illusion of a long finger, and you can choose between a simple solitaire or solitaire pave bands. 

Solitaire ring with twisted band

There are many ways to style your solitaire wedding band. Side diamonds are not the only way for solitaire engagement rings. You can choose a twisted band with diamonds or a plain classy twisted band with one centre diamond. Both will go perfectly with the modern look, or you can go with the split shank band with a pave setting. It will add the most classic touch to your ring.

Round-cut engagement rings

Round cut diamonds with solitaire settings are the most popular rings in the world. They are the most expensive and sparkliest diamonds in the market. No other diamond shape can compete with the brilliance of a well-cut round shape diamond.

They are versatile and can be worn with every variety of jewellery. There are many design choices available in the market with round-shaped diamonds. It will look magnificent in your engagement ring. So if you want to create an impact of richness, you can go with the round-shaped solitaire rings.

Halo diamond engagement rings

The halo setting has a ring of smaller diamonds around the centre diamond. It adds considerable bling to the ring because the smaller diamonds catch the light and add a brilliant shine to every angle of the ring.

If you are considering halo designs for your engagement ring, keep in mind that the diamond cut is crucial for this type of setting. Oval, round, and princes cut will go brilliantly with it.

So if you are planning to share your life with your partner for the rest of your life, choosing the perfect ring is the most crucial part of your life’s new beginning.

Try considering these points while deciding on your love band for you and your partner. And if you are thinking about where to buy these precious things in your life, check out designer solitaire rings. You will definitely love them.