Steps to Reset a Furnace Blower Motor

reset a furnace blower motor

It does not matter what kind of a furnace you have. Your furnace could be a gas, oil, or electric furnace. It is essential for you to know how to reset a furnace blower motor. The furnace can run into many problems like motor malfunction, overheating, and clogged filters. Almost all furnaces have a switch near the blower motor that resets the furnace and returns it to normal working conditions. This switch is also called a blower switch. The blower switch will pop out in case of any problems with the furnace. There could be a dust build-up in your furnace because of a lack of maintenance. HVAC Cleaning in Buford, GA can help you with cleaning your unit.

Location of Blower Switch

The location of the blower switch differs based on the brand and the model of your furnace. Homes with Central Air Conditioning and Central Heating can find the blower switch on the blower motor. The switch will be yellow or red-colored. If you can’t find the switch on the motor, check the back of the furnace or the bottom of the furnace.

Steps to Reset a Furnace Blower Motor

After locating the switch, follow the steps mentioned below to reset it.

Switch Off the Furnace Switch

Open the circuit breaker box and find the furnace switch. Switch off the furnace switch. It will help in protecting you from any electrical injuries while resetting the furnace blower motor. Make sure that your hands are not wet.

Remove the Furnace Cover

Remove the furnace cover, which is usually in front of the furnace. Some furnaces have handles that you have to move to remove the furnace cover. Hold the handle and raise the furnace cover, and you will feel it coming off. Remove the cover and set it aside.

Push the Blower Switch

After removing the panel, locate the blower motor. You can find it by locating a small box that is on top of the other components. Above this box, there will be a switch in red or yellow color; this is the blower switch. The furnace will pop out the switch automatically, so you will have to push it in to reset the blower motor. Push the button and hold it for ten seconds.

Switch On the Furnace

After resetting the furnace blower motor, put back the furnace cover to its original position. Now, switch on the furnace switch. Wait a few minutes and then switch on the furnace. Check if it is working correctly. If it still does not work, contact Dryer Vent Cleaning in Buford, GA.

If your blower motor stops working constantly, you may have to replace it. Keep the following signs in mind that show you need to replace your blower motor.

Signs that Show You Should Replace Your Blower Motor


A blower motor overheats because of several reasons. Dirt and debris can accumulate in the blower motor, which prevents the furnace from releasing the heat properly. The heat builds up in the furnace and causes it to overheat. Any component can malfunction and cause the blower motor to overheat. On the other hand, age is also a significant factor. If the blower motor is too old and is worn out, you will have to replace it.

High Energy Bills

If there is a problem with the blower motor, it will require more energy to perform its work. As a result, the energy bills will also increase. High energy bills will cost you more money, so it is better to replace the blower motor.

Weak Airflow

Weak airflow is also an indication of a faulty blower motor. There could be dirt or debris in the blower motor. Inspect your furnace to find out what the problem is. You can clean the dirt and debris to fix it. If it doesn’t work, you may have to replace the blower motor.

Unusual Noise from Furnace

Another sign is if unusual noises are coming from the furnace. If there is a shrieking or squealing noise coming from the furnace, it can mean there is a problem either with the bearing or the belt. On the other hand, if there is a loud rattling or banging noise, it can mean a component has been disconnected or damaged badly.

Preventative Measure for Furnace Blower Motor

It is not easy to keep your furnace regularly maintained. Homeowners often forget that it is vital to regularly clean and repair the appliances. Do not ignore the routine check-ups and replacing the air filters. If you notice any problem, have it inspected by a professional technician. Fix the problem before it starts to affect other components. A damaged capacitor, disconnected wires, damaged valves, and other main components can affect the performance of the blower motor.

Moreover, the average life of a furnace blower motor is twenty years. If you have been using your furnace blower motor for more than twenty years, have it inspected and replaced if needed. Do not use your furnace if your blower motor is not working correctly.