Storage Lockers versus Storage Units: What’s the Difference between them?

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Storage units and storage lockers are the two alternatives that can be utilized for present moment or long term storage. In any case, what’s the contrast between a storage units and storage lockers? Look at our manual for become familiar with storage spaces and storage units and what circumstances they’re best utilized for!

What Is a Storage Locker?

Like a storage unit, storage locker is an encased space that can be leased for individual or business storage needs—however storage lockers are more modest. Extra space estimates regularly don’t surpass 4×5 (or 20 square feet). Since storage lockers are little, they regularly accompany diminished roof tallness and can be stacked on top of one another inside a storeroom with access by means of moving steps.

Pros and Cons of Storage Lockers

How do storage lockers differ fromstorage units? Beneath, we separate the advantages and disadvantages of extra spaces.


  • Storage lockers come in diminished sizes, making them ideal for little storage needs.
  • Contingent upon the storage size and accessible conveniences, storage lockers can be more moderate.
  • Storage lockers can be simpler to keep coordinated in light of the fact that they’re more modest spaces.


  • Storage lockers just come in select sizes.
  • Self-storage spaces might not have storage lockers with extra conveniences.
  • Storage lockers might require access through moving steps, which can make it hard to move things in and out.
  • It could be harder to track down storage lockers at self-storerooms, as they’re more normal in huge urban communities where space comes at a higher cost than expected.

When to Use a Storage Locker

Storage lockers can be advantageous for some, circumstances, including moving for school, cleaning up, and putting away independent company things. The following are a couple of ways you can utilize an extra space for present moment and long-term storage. You can Google it by storage services in Dubai.

Short-Term Storage Locker

  • Setting off for college
  • Putting away close to home archives
  • Putting away business documents
  • Putting away drug supplies

Long-Term Storage Locker

  • Living in an apartment
  • Living in a tiny room
  • Living in an RV
  • Living in a van
  • Cleaning up little spaces
  • Putting away occasional attire
  • Putting away instruments

What Is a Storage Unit?

A storage unit is an encased space that can be leased to store individual or business things. Normally, storage unit sizes range from little 5×5 (or 25 square feet) spaces to huge 10×30 (or 300 square feet) spaces. Some storage spaces might even have storage units that are bigger than 300 square feet. Also, numerous storage services providers offer storage units with conveniences like drive-up access, climate control, and AC.

Pros and Cons of Storage Units

How do storage units contrast with Storage lockers? Beneath, we separate the upsides and downsides of storage units.


  • Storage units come minuscule bigger than 300 square feet.
  • Self-storerooms are bound to offer drive-up access and environment control with storage units.
  • You can discover distinctive access alternatives with storage units, including first-floor access and lift access.
  • Storage units are huge enough that they can in some cases is utilized for vehicle storage.
  • It’s simpler to discover storage units than extra spaces since they’re accessible at more storerooms.


  • Contingent upon the unit size and accessible conveniences, storage units can be more costly.
  • Except if you pack and put together your storage unit well, things can be difficult to come by in bigger extra rooms.

When to Use a Storage Unit

Storage units can be useful for some, circumstances, including moving, putting away vehicles, and putting away business things. The following are a couple of ways you can utilize a storage unit for present moment and long term storage.

Short- Term Storage Unit

  • Moving between homes
  • Cleaning up your home
  • Rebuilding your home
  • Organizing your home available to be purchased
  • Putting away sporting hardware
  • Putting away barbecues and closely following stuff

Long-Term Storage Unit

  • Scaling back your home
  • Living abroad
  • Moving for military
  • Maintaining a business
  • Putting away vehicles
  • Putting away cruisers
  • Putting away RVs
  • Putting away boats
  • Putting away a wine assortment