The 5 Best Souls-Like Games To Play In 2022

Best Souls-Like Games

There are game genres that speak to everyone. We could mention RPGs as well as Battle Royale or FPS. But others are reserved for a much smaller audience, like the one we are going to talk about here, the Souls-like.

In fact, the genre is really gaining in popularity in the last few years, as the representatives of Souls-like are becoming more and more numerous. There are so many of them, that we decided to rank them all from worst to best.

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Discover now our Souls-like ranking :

Please note that you will not find Elden Ring in this ranking yet, as we are currently testing the latest From Software title

1.     Nioh 2

Team Ninja has no equal when it comes to developing battle systems with a twist. The studio, behind the remarkable Ninja Gaiden, released in 2017 a Nioh that made Souls-like fans talk a lot. And its sequel, released in 2019, has completed to conquer them.

More accomplished than the first opus, without however avoiding serious imbalances, Nioh 2 offers some excellent adjustments, with the added bonus of nice new features to seduce the player. Peoples also searching for wpc2025 and wpc15

2.     Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Named Game of the Year in 2019, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice marks a complete break with the studio’s habits.

Here, no character creation, nor souls to spend to improve his avatar. We embody the shinobi Sekiro, armed with his only katana throughout the adventure, and whose only variable in combat will be the various modules he can graft to his prosthetic arm.

Sekiro’s greatest achievement is to make us forget everything we think we know about the souls-like formula. Here, there is no need to run away. You have to face your fears! An exhilarating combat system, but with a particularly high level of difficulty. Not to be put in everyone’s hands.

3.     Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

If one could have imagined that Fallen Order would be more inspired by Jedi Knight than Dark Souls, it was not the case. Respawn Entertainment’s game is a pure Souls-like in George Lucas’ universe, and this is what makes it particularly remarkable.

If not an excellent game, this Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an excellent “Star Wars” game. Not necessarily original in its form, with its multiple inspirations, the game offers nevertheless a very coherent mix of genres, with a very pleasant exploration/action balance in hand.

4.     Stranger of Paradise : Final Fantasy Origin

First of all: don’t expect this Stranger of Paradise for its scenario. The critics are formal: this Souls-like spin-off of Final Fantasy is so badly written that it is almost comical.

So badly written and caricatured that it’s funny, FF Origin deserves its souls-like label. Offering a wide variety of approaches thanks to thirty or so jobs that can be changed at will, it will also appeal to beginners thanks to a very accessible easy mode.

5.     Dark Souls 3

Stunning from start to finish, the role-playing game released in 2016 is starting over on a sound footing after a second installment that greatly divided the community.

Dark Souls 3 manages to do better than its predecessors while bringing a wonderful conclusion to the saga’s epic. With an inspired artistic direction and a very generous content, DS3 is the last word in FromSoftware’s history, which has no one else to match it.

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