The Advantages of Hiring an Experienced Painting Service

Australia’s construction industry contributes up to 9% to the GDP with revenues of $360bn. Painting is an integral part of the construction industry, and according to the Australian Paint Manufacturers Federation, it now employs over 6500 workers directly. Although DIY painting projects are gaining popularity, there are some undeniable advantages of a professionally done paint job. Hiring professional painting services in sydney has several benefits – including quality work, reduced downtime, and reasonable maintenance costs.  

What can you expect from professional painters?

Professional painters are skilled experts who risk losing their trade license if they do an incompetent job. You can expect the following from an expert painter:

  1. Resource planning:

Paint: Professionals know how much paint will be required to cover your building. Generally, a litre of colour gives you 16 square metres of coverage, depending on the wall’s texture. The painting experts will gauge appropriately how much paint you may need and charge you accordingly. You do not risk purchasing too much or too little paint.

Application tools: It takes an expert to understand the best tool for paint application. They can tell you whether a brush, roller, or maybe an aerosol applicator would be best suited for the job.

  1. Preparation:

Surface: Painters walk the extra mile to repair minor cracks on the surface with caulk, composite, and sandpaper. They remove old paint and wallpapers, pressure wash graffiti, and prime the wall before layering the actual paint. 

Surroundings: Paint can get messy, so painters carefully mask surfaces such as floors, windows, and doors with drop cloths and tape to prevent the paint from staining the surface.

3. Painting:

Quality: Did you know that the NSW government requires you to own a license to paint if your paint job is worth greater than $5000? Licensed painters undergo four years of training to acquire their CPC30611 license. They are well versed with the safety and environmental concerns of the chemicals they use. Furthermore, they are in a position to give you a warranty that their work will be done with due regard to the contract. Thus, by hiring professional painting services in sydney, you will be guaranteed quality artistry.

Safety: Lead in paint risks children who may ingest it through contaminated dust particles. It results in the child’s poor mental and physical development. Additionally, it may lead to premature birth if a pregnant woman is exposed to lead. Painting jobs can also emit asbestos into the air. Asbestos inhalation is the prime cause of asbestosis and lung cancer.

Trained painters take extreme precautions while handling hazardous material and thus protect you from the risk of exposure.

Additionally, painting higher elevations requires scaffolding, ladders, and menacing equipment. Working on and around it requires years of training. Besides, such workers must comply with the Safe Work Australia rules regarding scaffoldings.

In Conclusion

Your house or office is an extension of your persona. A well-painted building is one of the first things your guests or clients get to see and form an impression of you. A shoddy paint job may turn out expensive, not only in terms of a lost opportunity to create an excellent first impression but also thousands of dollars spent on repainting. Thus, if you value quality, safety, and time, your best bet is to seek the services of professional painters.