The Best Hair Maintenance Tips for Healthier Hair

You must have heard that the key to nourished and well-maintained hair is through a good hair care regime and diet. However, many more factors impact the quality of your hair. These include genes, stress levels, the weather, pollution and much more. Most people tend to ignore the negative impacts of stress on one’s body. However, always remember that stress can harm your hair. So, to avoid hair fall and promote good quality hair, avoid stress and practise mindful living. 

We all know that a bad hair day can severely impact our confidence, and we, therefore, wish to avoid them at all costs. Of course, a quick hair wash can always freshen up your hair but if you are looking for tips to maintain thick, long and shiny hair, look no further! 


Your diet plays a crucial role in the condition of your hair. To maintain those long, luscious strands, make sure to consume a protein-rich diet and a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, look for food sources that provide nutrients like zinc and biotin to boost hair growth and reduce hair fall. Ensure that you are well hydrated since water helps retain moisture and protect the hair follicle. 

Hair gummies 

Sometimes, our diet fails to provide us with all the nutrients needed to maintain healthy hair. Don’t worry! There’s nothing wrong with needing a boost. This is where hair supplements come in. Recently, hair gummies have gained popularity in India. When it comes to hair gummies in India, Happy Hair gummies by Sulo Nutrition is a great choice when you are looking for hair supplements. It is enriched with Amla, Biotin, and Zinc, which help reduce hair fall and promote healthier hair regrowth.  

Hair Tools

Most people tend to ignore the importance of using good quality hair tools for their hair. However, hair tools play a crucial role in maintaining one’s hair. To cause minimal heat damage, avoid using heat tools like hairdryers, irons and curlers unless necessary. Also, avoid taking extremely hot or cold showers as this can damage the hair follicle, which leads to breakage and hair fall. 

Haircare regime 

Maintaining it is just as important once you have improved your hair quality. Ensure that you always use good quality hair products and invest in hairbrushes and combs that minimise hair fall. One such tool is the handmade wooden wide-tooth comb infused with neem oil by Sulo Nutrition


Hair care does not have to be complicated. Simple steps like a good diet and hair care regime can be highly beneficial to your hair. Focusing on healthy lifestyle habits like getting eight hours of sleep, staying hydrated, and exercising regularly can positively impact your hair. Opt for hair gummies in India from reputed brands like Sula Nutrition that aim to make your hair stronger and healthier. 

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